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Watch for our Gentlemens Jewelry to be Featured
in the September 2004 issue of Penthouse Forum

Sterling Silver Cock Circlets,
Ball Fetters
& Detachable Hematite Leash:

Sterling Silver Cock Circlets, Ball Fetters & Detachable Hematite Leash
An exciting ensemble for any gentleman.
As shown:
2- LG Sterling Silver Cock Circlets
1- Medium Hematite Leash
Sterling Silver Ball Fetters with dangle

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Sterling Silver Cock Circlets,
Ball Fetters
& Detachable Tiger Eye Leash:

Sterling Silver Cock Circlets, Ball Fetters & Detachable Tiger Eye Leash
1- XL Sterling Silver Cock Circlet
1- XLC Sterling Silver Cock Circlet
1- Medium Tiger Eye Leash
Sterling Silver Ball Fetters with dangle

The Detachable Leash
We have made the leash detachable,
not only does it provide the sensations of
Japanese Love Beads during intercourse,
He can also be led around by it

( so whats new? ) during play time.
The Detachable Leash

Not long enough?
This 44" Sterling Silver Leash can be
attached to many different pieces of our Jewelry
including our D/s Collars and Slave Rings.
44 inch Sterling Silver Leash

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! NEW !
Our Cock Rings can be ajusted to fit
in front of or behind the Testicles,
when the ring is worn behind the Testes
the HOBBLE Leash becomes a
Choker Collar
Properly sized
it will control erection!

The "Cock Hobble" is just the choke chain,
to wear it it must be connected to a Cock Circlet.
Minimum 2 pieces.
The chain basket is what we call our Ball Fetters,
they can be worn with the Cock Circlet and Hobble
but are not absolutely necessary.

Our Standard Hobble measures 7 inches in total length,
depending on your size, approximately 3 inches will be
used to circle the penis and about 4 inches will
be left to connect to the Cock Circlet.
(Can be ordered in custom lengths).
As your penis becomes erect the Hobble is pulled tight
and works like a dogs choker collar tightening behind the head.

Both the Cock Circlet and the Hobble can be worn in several ways:
(1) the Hobble is looped around behind the glans and the
Cock Circlet is worn at the base of the penis.
Mildly restrictive depending on length of chain in
relation to size of penis involved.

(2) Open the Cock Circlet to fit behind the penis and testicles,
the Hobble is run under and between the testes.
As you become erect the chain which must now run further back
tightens behind the head and as you become more erect will
lift and separate your balls. Much more restrictive.

(3) Cock Circlets can also be worn horizontally as a Ball Spreader
again in conjunction with the Hobble. Very Restrictive!
As you become erect the Hobble tightens behind the glans
while the Cock Circlet pulls on your balls.

(4) The Hobble can also be used as a 7" Leash
while connected to the Cock Circlet.
All of our male jewelry can also be connected to our
44" D/s Leash for even greater control.

Please feel free to write or call our toll free line at
1 877 440 0685 to order or for more information.

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