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Non Piercing Nipple Rings, Dangles & Chains !

Happy Holidays! Sexy Santas know that beautiful body jewelry makes the perfect gift!
We have hundreds of unique jewelry pieces in stock and ready to ship.

14k GOLD Jewelry at below market pricing!
Nipple Jewelry
ONE ONLY Chevron Nipple Shield, includes Nipple Ring $200.00.


Worn singly or in pairs,
these sensuous rings and clips are
designed to stimulate both wearer and watcher.

"Nipple Dangles will enhance your chest for all those erotic formal occasions."
--Saul McCarthy - AVN - Adult Novelty Business Magazine - July 2005--

Twisted Adjustible Nipple Rings
Nipple Rings & Nipple Clips
Arabesque Nipple Shields
Nipple Shields
CLICK HERE for NIPPLE DANGLE (ND) Style Codes & Prices
 non piercing Nipple Dangles and Belly Brilliant
Nipple Dangles
Complemented with a Belly Brilliant

Nipple Dangles on Nipple Rings
are designed with removable Dangles
allowing the Nipple Rings to be worn
independently and Nipple Chains
to be added at any time

What do they feel like?
They are delicately arousing, the dangles tickle against your skin,
the rings encourage nipples to remain erect,
without any discomfort or pain!
CLICK HERE for BELLY BRILLIANT (BB) Style Codes & Prices
* * * NEW * * *
Nipple Chains can now be ordered with removable
Single, Double or Triple Nipple Chains and/or Neck to Nipple Chains
allowing the Nipple Dangles to be worn independently

Nipple Chain
Nipple Chain.
CLICK HERE for NIPPLE CHAIN (NNC) Style Codes & Prices

A Nipple Chain adds the erotic allure of Sterling Silver chain,
so sinuous as it slides over your skin - so sexy with a short or sheer top,
it gives a whole new meaning to 'peek-a-boo'!
Add a Centerstone or Ornate Centerpiece for even more scintillation!
Nipple Chain with Centerstone
Nipple Chain with Centerstone.
Style Codes & Prices
How do they stay on?
Or rather, how do they get put on ?
We recommend that you have your lover help,
although most styles you can put on yourself.
Click here for pictorial instructions .....
Installing Your Arabesque Nipple Jewelry
Also Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page
Nipple Chain with Ornate Centrepiece
Nipple Chain with Ornate Centrepiece.
Style Codes & Prices
They are all adorned with beautiful
European crystals and/or genuine Gemstones.
There's such an array of colors and styles,
you'll be sure to find something to enhance your unique beauty.
Nipple Triple Chains
Nipple Triple Chains
Now available in Double Nipple Chains Also!
Three Sterling Silver Chains ornamented with
European crystals and/or genuine Gemstones,
slipping sensuously across your chest with every movement,
Very erotic for both of you!
Neck to Nipple Chains
Several styles adorned with up to 80
Natural Gemstones or Austrian Crystals
Each one is an Original Work of Art
designed to your specifications
* * * NEW * * *
Neck to Nipple Chains can now be ordered with removable vertical Chains
allowing the Necklace and Nipple Dangles to be worn independently

The Ultimate Cascade
The Ultimate Cascade
A cascade of Nipple, Navel and Body Chains,
each is uniquely hand wrought to create your
Ultimate erotic fashion fantasy!
CLICK HERE for The ULTIMATE CASCADE (ULT) Style Codes & Prices
Unadorned Nipple Rings & Clips: (NC) & (NR)
CLICK HERE for Style Codes & Prices


Since almost all of our jewelry is Custom Designed
for the Customer buying it most of our jewelry
never shows up on our web site.
To solve this we will post scans of some of the more
interesting pieces here.
Click on the description to view.
Contact us for pricing on Custom Designs.
Nipple Dangles ..... Click Here for Standard ND Pricing
Emerald Crystal Nipple Dangles (006)
Peach & Clear Crystal Nipple Dangles (004)
Green Onyx Nipple Dangles (006)
Topaz Crystal Nipple Dangles (002)
Synthetic Ruby Heart Nipple Dangles (009)
Men's Hematite Nipple Clip (006)
Cubic Zircon Heart Nipple Dangle (009)
Pink Crystal Nipple Dangle (008)
Natural Amethyst Nipple Dangle (007)
Natural Amethyst Nipple Dangles (007)
Nipple Dangles For the Fishing Widow
Nipple Chains ..... Click Here for Standard NNC Pricing
Blue Topaz Double Nipple Chain (Custom)
Pink Ice Nipple Chain (010)
Natural Amethyst Ornate Nipple Chain (005)
Blue Onyx Ultimate Cascade (004)

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