Arabesque Body Creations & Design (Main Index)

Measurements can be in either centimeters or inches,,, weight in either pounds or kilograms.
Although not necessary, a photo of your lady wearing a bathing suit or other form fitting clothing would be helpful.

Measurements for the Halter Bra:
1) Chest measurement underneath the breasts (measured with breath held for expanded chest measurement)
2) Measurement over the fullest part of the breasts
3) Bra size generally worn
4) Length from nape of the neck (the bone at the back of your neck) around the front and down to the nipple.
5) Width of back from outside edge of breast around the back to the other breast
6) Height and weight.

Measurements for the G-String Panty or Crotchless Panty:
1) Hip measurement at widest point.
2) Waist measurement
3) Length from waist to hip at side of body
4) Length from waist in center front, under the crotch to the dimple at top of derriere cheeks in back.
5) Measurement from waist in center front to crotch ( where the inseam would be on a pair of pants)
6) Measurement from the crotch (inseam) to the derriere dimple.
7) Height and weight.

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