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Mainstream Jewelry

From Ear Dangles to Anklets, Arabesque's Sterling Silver Body Jewelry
is hand wrought and adorned with the finest European Crystals and Genuine Gemstones.

From Casual To Formal,
From Head To Toe,


You are sure to find your unique fashion statement!

Choker Necklaces, Wristlets And Anklets
Hand wrought in

Sterling Silver and

 ornamented with our 

full spectrum of

Natural Gemstones


European Crystals

This is only a small sample of our Jewelry,
Click on pics to view more styles!
All prices quoted in Canadian funds. American dollars approximately 30% less.

CLICK HERE for MAINSTREAM Jewelry Information & Prices

Ear Dangles

Pure Sterling Silver, adorned with
European Crystals or Genuine Gemstones
these painless NON PIERCING Ear Dangles are
complemented with Arabesque Ear Clips.


Ear Dangle

for EAR DANGLE Information & Prices

'Y' Necklace

Simply elegant, each necklace is individually
hand wrought of Sterling Silver
with beautiful crystal accents in a rainbow of colours.

Y Necklace

This genuine Peridot
looks great with casual or more formal fashions.

for "Y" NECKLACE Information & Prices

Arm Bands (ARM)

Complements your Slave Ring for a beautiful fashion statement!

Available in 3 styles of bands

for ARM BAND Information & Prices

Bridesmaids Bracelets (BDBR)

Beautiful, wearable keepsakes of your special day for your attendants to cherish

Custom designed to complement your
wedding parties style and color.

Please telephone us toll free at 1 (877) 440-0685
for information and pricing.

Slave Rings, Wrist/Finger (SLV)

 Imagine pure Sterling silver chain brushing against your hand. 
Available in four different bands with 1 - 5 Rings

Slave ring with 4 finger rings

Mistress & Slave Rings,
 With 1 - 5 Finger Rings 

for SLAVE RING Information & Prices
Male Master & Slave Rings

Master & Slave Rings
With 1 - 5 Finger Rings

for SLAVE RING Information & Prices

Belly Brilliants

Available in a rainbow of colours! Attach to almost any Body Part,
also make great Finger or Toe rings.


Belly Brilliants
The NON-PIERCING Alternative

for BELLY BRILLIANT Information & Prices

Waist Chains (WSTCH)

Waist Chains

 They look sensational with hip huggers or beach wear. 
What's your favorite colour?

for WAIST CHAIN (WSTCH) Information & Prices

Chain Anklets - Ankle/Toe (ANKL)

Bejeweled Chain Anklets - With 0 - 5 Toe rings

Bejeweled Chain Anklets
With 0 - 5 Toe rings

for ANKLETS (ANK) Information & Prices

Body Rings (BR)

Non-Piercing Sterling Silver Body Rings

 Can be worn on almost any part of your 
Body or Face

The Look Without The Pain !

for BODY RING Information & Prices

Since almost all of our jewelry is Custom Designed for the
Customer buying it most of our jewelry never shows up on our web site.
To solve this we will post scans of some of the more interesting pieces here
Click on the description to view. Contact us for pricing on Custom Designs.
Mainstream (Jewelry you can show your Mom) ..... Click Here for Standard Pricing
Pink Ice Heart Waist Chain and Matching Anklet
Waist Chain - Natural & Synthetic Peridot
Matching Set - Necklace - Wristlet & 2 Anklets
Blue Onyx & Austrian Crystal
Emerald Crystal Ladies Choker Necklace
Natural Ruby Anklet With Toe Ring (Custom)
Hematite Heart Drop Necklace (Custom)
Aquamarine Austrian Crystal Waist Chain (005)
Synthetic Peridot Waist Chain (010)
Kodiak wanted to model for our site too

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