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Ladies Intimate Jewelry

Give your sweetheart what they really want! Arabesque Gift Cards make it easy.
Available in any amount, the gift card can be emailed or airmailed to you or the recipient.

14k GOLD Jewelry at below market pricing!
Nipple Jewelry
ONE ONLY Chevron Nipple Shield, includes Nipple Ring $200.00.

Clit Caressers
ONE ONLY Original Clit Caresser GENUINE Amethyst $500.00.
ONE ONLY Ultimate Clit Caresser Clear AB $600.00;
ONE ONLY Ultimate Clit Caresser 9 GENUINE Rubys with Millennium crystal teardrops $750.00

Fall in love with our jewelry! Time to warm up with a sexy Clit Caresser and Nipple Dangles in your favorite colors!
We have hundreds of unique jewelry pieces in stock and ready to ship.

Custom orders do take some time to create for you so please order early

New crystals cut in the shape of Butterflys and Flowers add a fresh look to all our designs including Anklets, Belly Chains, Nipples Dangles & Clit Caressers

Sterling Silver, beautiful Crystals and Gemstones
Sexy! Stimulating Jewelry for you

"The Clit Caresser goes way beyond mere looks; the slightest movement
will cause your erogenous zone to explode with trembling delight"
--Saul McCarthy - AVN - Adult Novelty Business Magazine - July 2005--
Click on Pictures for more views and information
Click on item name for pricing
Arabesque's Original Clit Caresser
Our Original "Clit Caresser" (CLT)
The slightest movement causes a quiver around your most sensitive erogenous zone!
Easy Adjustable Fit!! The proper length for playtime!
Includes two dangles, in your choice of a rainbow of colors and gemstones.
Arabesque's Ultimate Clit Caresser
The "ULTIMATE" Clit Caresser (CLTU)
Our most arousing piece of jewelry,
Similar to our Original Clit Caresser with an added third dangle
that dances directly on the clitoris!
Dangles are crafted from your choice of crystal and/or gemstones
Arabesque's Clit Caresser Lite
"Clit Caresser Lite" (CLTL)
Our Original design but more petite and delicate
All the sensation but much more subtle
Designed with two dangles, in your choice of a rainbow of colors and gemstones.
Extra Heavy Ultimate Clit Caressers
Extra Heavy Ultimate Clit Caressers &
Millennium Ultimate Clit Caressers

The extra weight translates into extra SENSATIONS
Click here for pictorial instructions .....
Installing Your Arabesque Clit Caresser
Also Check our Frequently Asked Questions Page
Pussy Dangles
Pussy Dangles (PD)
Very Stimulating, Pretty and of course NON Piercing!
Tush Teaser
Tush Teaser (TST)
This little beauty gives great anal stimulation, especially when your dangles are tickled!

In your choice of colors or gemstones.

Beautiful Jewelry for Both of You
Sterling Silver, Crystals and Gemstones for ladies and gentlemen,
a whole new meaning for a 'horsy ride'!

 Click   HERE  for close ups of Dangle Styles! 

Since many of our jewelry creations are Custom Designed for you
most of our jewelry never shows up on our web site.
To solve this we will post some of the more interesting pieces here.
Click on the description to view. Contact us for pricing on Custom Designs.
Clit Caressers & Pussy Dangles ..... Click Here for Standard Pricing
Natural Amethyst & Blue Topaz Ultimate Clit Caresser (003)
Natural Peridot Ultimate Clit Caresser (007)
Natural Garnet & Cubic Zircon Ultimate Clit Caresser (Custom)
Natural Ruby Ultimate Clit Caresser (Custom)
Millennium Ultimate Clit Caresser (MCLTU)
Cubic Zircon Heart Pussy Dangles (009)

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