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How to Wear Arabesque Non Piercing Jewelry

Nipple Rings: Solid or Braided Adjustable

Self Installation:
Loosen ring slightly. pull nipple through, adjust by squeezing ring for a comfortable fit.
Partner Installed:
Moisten nipple. Place ring on end of nipple.
Gently suck the nipple through the ring, holding the ring against your teeth.
Adjust for a comfortable fit by tightening ring slightly after installation.

Nipple Clips:
Slide the clip onto the nipple like a hairpin so that the nipple is held by the clip.
Adjust for a comfortable fit.

The Nipple rings are recommended for those women who have fairly distinct nipples most of the time naturally.
Nipple Clips are designed to encourage a more distinct nipple for those women who have very little nipple, inverted or collapsing nipples.
Wearing Nipple Clips may eventually train reluctant or inverted nipples to stay out.
Both Nipple Rings and Clips enhance your sex appeal beautifully.

Remember, Arabesque NON PIERCING Body Jewelry is designed to give you the 'look' of piercing without the pain, so if any of the jewelry is painful when being attached, TAKE IT OFF and adjust for a comfortable fit.

Body Rings and Belly Brilliants:
Open ring slightly. Attach to nipple, navel, labia,etc. Squeeze gently so that ring fits securely.

Installing Your Arabesque Nipple Jewelry
A pictorial Courtesy of Our "Customer of the Month" for January 1999
J from California

Ladies' Intimate Jewelry

Clit Caresser:
Moisten the clitoris with saliva and stimulate sufficiently so that it is erect.
Making sure that the chains are on the outside of the Clit Caresser, hold the clitoris and hood out with thumb and forefinger,
then slide the Caresser down like a hairpin over the clitoris.
The last little bit use the dangles to gently pull the Clit Caresser down so the top is firmly in contact with the top of the clit.
In many cases it will actually push the clit slightly forward settle into a small grove behind the head.
It should fit securely, and not hurt in any way.
It is recommended that, to start, you open up the Caresser slightly. This will make it easier to put on.
As you become more familiar with your Caresser, you will discover your own personal fit for maximum stimulation.
DO NOT SWALLOW THE DANGLES, although tickling them is highly recommended!

Installing Your Arabesque Clit Caresser
A pictorial Courtesy of Our "Customer of the Month" for January 1999
J from California

Tush Teaser:
Insert anally, leaving dangles showing. Your muscle tone is what keeps it in place.The Tush Teaser is designed for both ladies and gentlemen's stimulation and pleasure

Men's Intimate Jewelry

Cock Circlets:
Adjust the Cock Circlet so that it fits loosely when flaccid and slide it on. It will then be slightly constricting when the penis is erect. Cock Circlets can be worn at the base of the penis, or behind the head

Ball Fetters:
Attach to your Cock Circlet first, then put on your Circlet. Adjust the fetters so that they encircle the scrotum and the center chain divides the testes.

Detachable Leash:
Attach, using the ring provided, to the Circlet that is to be worn behind the head of your penis. Put on the Circlet, and use the clasp to secure the leash to the Circlet at the base of the penis. If your Cock Circlet is too tight, loosen to remove by grasping the ends and pulling outwards.

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