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Give Her Your Heart

Exotic Metal & Gemstone Hearts can be incorporated into
the design of your very personal jewelry

Sterling Silver Hearts
Nipple Dangles and Body Dangle accented with pure Sterling Silver Hearts
These delicate engraved Sterling Silver Hearts
can be used in all most any of our
unique designs.

You can have your Silver Heart jewelry
Sterling Silver top to bottom or we can
accent your very personal jewelry
with the crystal or gemstone of your choice.

Sterling Silver Heart Waist Chain

Gemstone Hearts
Nipple Dangles with Red Jade Hearts
Carved Gemstone Hearts
Gemstones Available in Heart shapes:

- Hematite - Silvery Black (heavy, also called "Alaskan Black Diamond")
- Black Onyx - Black Black
- Red Jade - Red Reminiscent of "Cinnamon Heart Candy"
- Rose Quartz - Pink
- Amethyst - Translucent Pale Purple

Some Gemstones not listed here
may be available by special order,
Contact us for details.

Synthetic Gemstone Hearts
Dangle Style 009
Available in Heart shapes:

- Clear - Cubic Zirconia
- Amethyst - Rich Translucent Purple
- Aqua - Pale Aquamarine
- Alexandrite - Clear, Highlights change greys through greens
- Blue Zircon - Pale Blue
- Blue Sapphire - Rich Blue
- Emerald - Deep Rich Green
- Garnet - Dark Garnet/Red
- Ruby - Bright Red
- Peridot - Pale Apple Green
- Topaz - Rich Yellow Gold
- Pink Ice - Pink Cubic Zircon

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Arabesque Body Creations & Design (Main Index)

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