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From Ear Dangles to Anklets,
Arabesque's Sterling Silver Body Jewelry
is hand wrought and adorned with your choice of the finest
European Crystals and Genuine Gemstones.

You are sure to find your unique fashion statement!

This is only a small sample of our Jewelry,
please click on pictures to view more of our designs!
Ear Dangles
Pure Sterling Silver, adorned with
European Crystals or Genuine Gemstones
these painless NON PIERCING Ear Dangles are
complemented with Arabesque Ear Clips.
Ear Dangles adorned with
Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds
Click on the picture for more information
Simply elegant, each necklace is individually hand wrought
of Sterling Silver with beautiful Natural Gemstone or
Austrian Crystal accents in a rainbow of colours.
This genuine Peridot Necklace looks great with casual
or more formal fashions. Click on the picture to see
more styles and examples incorperating
precious/semi precious gem stones and Austrian crystal.
This swirl of Sterling Silver looks sensational with summer fashions.
In three styles to complement your Slave Ring.
Arm Bands
Click on the picture for more information.
Slave Rings, Wrist/Finger (SLV)
Arabesque slave rings are tres chic!
Choose from the Fine Scrolled, Medium Ornate, Medium Diamond
or Heavy Ornate band widths with One to Five Finger Rings.
See more of these style options when you click on the pic.
Slave ring with 4 finger rings
Mistress/Slave Rings

 With 1 - 5 Finger Rings 
Male Master and Slave Rings
Master/Slave Rings

With 1 - 5 Finger Rings
Belly Brilliants
Pure Sterling Silver, Formed into Braided or Solid "Gapped" Rings
Arabesque has designed the 'alternative' illusion for
'The Look Without the Pain'
The NON-PIERCING Alternative
Waist Chains / Belly Chains
A wonderful way to show off your curves.
The crystal or gemstone dangles add extra sparkle.
Sterling Silver Belly Chains
 They look sensational with hip huggers or beach wear. 
What's your favorite colour?
Chain Anklets - Ankle/Toe (ANKL)
Anklet with attached Toe Ring
Bejeweled Chain Anklets
With 0 - 5 Attached Toe rings

Toe Rings also available separately

Body Rings
Attach to virtually any body fold.
Simply squeeze and release!

Non Piercing Body Rings

 Can be worn on almost any part of your 
Body or Face
The Look Without The Pain !

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