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Frequently Asked Questions

To our Customers
**No, your questions do not appear foolish, these type of queries are quite
common, as about 99.9% of the world isn't familiar with our jewelry!
As a matter of fact, we thank you for giving us the inspiration
to write a 'frequently asked questions' page for our website.

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Arabesque Body Body Creations & Design Inc. LIFETIME JEWELRY WARRANTY
Arabesque provides a Lifetime warranty against defects in
workmanship and materials on all products manufactured by
Arabesque Body Creations
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Payment & Shipping Options

Our preferred methods of payment are PayPal (most secure), Visa and Master Card
We accept American Express in Canadian Funds only.
We also accept International Postal Money Orders but due to the time it takes for us
to recieve your payment it does delay shipping your order.

(Standard Ail Mail World Wide, $10.00 credit towards shipping upgrade)
All orders are shipped in discrete plain packaging
Shipping Upgrade pricing will be quoted when you place your order
however the following guidelines are usually close

Shipping within Canada
Canada Post Express Pack ..... $10.00 - $20.00 usually takes 3 days to arrive.

Shipping to the U.S.
Canada Post Registered Express Pack ..... $35.00 minimum usually takes 3 to 5 days to arrive.
International Priority Courier Service ...$100.00 & up - 2 to 3 day service,
prices quoted by individual order and destination.

Shipping World Wide
Variety of shipping options available, options and prices will be quoted when you place your order
World Wide Courier Service also available, prices quoted by individual order and destination.

For Rush Orders There Is A $20.00 U.S. Surcharge to move
your order to the front of the line.
We accept only 2 Rush orders per week.
We Can Not Guarantee Delivery Dates

There are simply too many variables
We do promise to do our best to get all orders out a.s.a.p.
Most Custom Orders are shipped within 7 days of confirmation.
Instock items may be shipped sooner.

How do payments through PayPal work?

To pay with PayPal simply give us your email address,
we send you an email from paypal quoting your order and giving you an Arabesque invoice number.

To set up an account with PayPal go to
There you will be asked for your email address and be able to choose your password.
You will also be asked for your shipping and payment information.
Pay Pal accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover credit cards
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You never give us your Credit Card or Banking information.
PayPal sends us notification of your payment with shipping address
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We have found PayPal to be fast, easy and very secure.

Why Solid Sterling Silver and Solid Gold

** We use only Solid Sterling Silver and Solid Gold in our designs for a number of reasons.
First, Sterling has the right tensile qualities as a metal to have both
spring and tension so that our nipple rings are adjustable, and
comfortable. Gold, while not as "springy" also works well in our unique designs.
Second, Sterling Silver contains very little alloys (92.5% pure) so
people with metal allergies can wear it with very little reaction. 14k
gold, though high quality is still 25% alloys, so this can be a real concern
consumers with metal sensitivities.
Third, the cost. The same unique designs of Jewelry made in "plated spring steel"
would be approximately the same price due to the intensive high quality hand workmanship involved
and have the problems in the next question.

*Do you make "Gold Tone" jewelry also?

**When a product is advertised as "Gold Tone" or "Silver Tone" it means that there is a thin coating
of some kind (brass or nickel) over base metal (iron etc.).
Just adjusting the fit will cause the coating to crack and start to peel.
The plating and base metals will cause reactions in people who are sensitive to them.

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Gemstones / Crystals

* I'm interested in an (Ultimate) Clit Caresser.
It should definatly have gemstones.
Most of all I like Hematite, but I think an Ultimate
with 3 Hematite dangles is a bit heavy, isn't it?
Green Onyx is nice too...

** The scan we have attached shows
all the Natural Gemstones we currently have in stock. The colors came out
pretty true other than the larger Green Onyx Agate (6mm.) it should be the same
shade as the smaller one (4mm.). A very rich opaque green, very pretty.
The 6mm stones are about perfect for your average Clit Caresser and yes, the
Hematite ones are heavier.
They also tend to bounce like little billiard balls when they collide which
makes them very sensating. The smaller 4mm. stones are spaced with larger
sterling silver beads to give them some weight.
In the heart shaped stones we usually use the medium size for the caressers,
similar to the Amethyst one at the top and the small ones for matching Nipple
Dangles which is what are at the sides.
The largest stones we use on Extra Heavy Caressers which we do not recommend
for the ladies first one.

*We are very intrigued wih you jewelry, but have a couple of questions.
Some of the styles of your dangles are different in different pictures.
Can we pick the style of the setting, like say, a small round hematite setting
instead of a heart, or are the settings just based on the stone you get and we
get the first one off the top, whatever it is.
Example the 007 setting looks very different in picture nd11_6.jpg and dng001.jpg.
You even have two very different settings in dng001.jpg. and dng002.jpg
Is that based on the stone, and if so can we choose?

**We know that we offer a lot of choices, and hope you don't find it too confusing.
On most of our designs you can choose which ever shape stone or crystal
you prefer from our selection, pricing is only affected if the style or stone
you choose is marked *with asterisks*.
dng001.jpgshows dangles used on Nipple Jewelry
dng002.jpgshows dangles used on Clitoral Jewelry
If for some reason your choice of stone or dangle style will not work on the
jewelry you select we will notify you and offer acceptable options.
The style 007 you were asking about has a lot of variations. Not all the
gemstones are available in all different settings, and some of the settings
are not suitable for all the different types of jewelry we make eg: can't
use a setting with sharp points on a clit caresser. So for that particular
style, we ask you to choose the stone: Amethyst, Garnet, Citrine, Peridot,
Moonstone or Black Onyx, and the kind of jewelry you want it set on and we
will take it from there. There is a surcharge for EACH of the style
007 settings used.

*Second, what about particularly petite clitorises? Will the jewelry be
difficult to put on or pinch to much on a very small clitoris?
Thanks, B.

**Please go to Ladies Intimate Jewelry for the answer to this question.

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Sterling Silver Bra & Panties

*Regarding the bra and panties:
The halter bra is available in 2 cup sizes, an AB cup for a moderately
endowed lady, and a CD cup for a more generously endowed one.
Measurements needed: 1) bust size, 2) chest size ( measurement just
under the breasts). As Sterling Silver has no 'elastic' like lingerie
fabrics, the back chain must be long enough to roll on the body as it
moves and stretches. The bra cups can be adjusted up or down by moving
the clasp at the neck closure adjustment. It is not intended as a
'support' bra, rather it should rest lightly on the body.
Color choices:
Clear, Pink, Ruby, Aqua, Light Blue, Medium Blue, Amethyst, Garnet,
Emerald, Jet Black. All European crystals.
Shipping: Approximately Two weeks from order placement.

The Sterling Panties are available in Two styles - G-String or
Crotchless. Both styles have a 2 inch adjustment piece at the side. As
in the bra, there is no 'elastic' in the panty. It should rest
comfortably just above the hip bone. The chain that goes from the crotch
to the back chain should not be too tight. Enough ease is needed to
allow the wearer to sit down and stand up without stressing the chain.
The measurements needed are: 1) measurement around the fullest part of
the hips, 2) measurement from the top of the pubic bone to above( a hard
to describe spot, there are back view pics on the website that show it).
You know, that cute little 'y' at the top of the crack.
G-String Panty & Crotchless Panty offer the same choice of crystal
colors as in the Halter Bra and take the same length of time before shipment.

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Nipple Jewelry

*What are the Nipple Rings for?
Do the same rings fit everyone?

** The purpose of the nipple rings is to encircle the nipple, encouraging
it's erection, and to provide something to hang the dangle and chains from.
The Braided Adjustable nipple rings are the most adjustable... they can
be opened up completely so a lady could pull her nipple through and put
the ring on herself. Still, the best and most fun way for the lady to
wear her jewelry is for you to help! (as described below)
The Solid adjustable rings are an overlapping, open ended ring which can
be slightly adjusted, best installed by her lover ( you suck her nipple
through the ring).
The Nipple Clips were designed for those ladies who have an indistinct
or collapsing nipple, they merely slide in place like a hair pin, and
again, are adjustable.
Either style of nipple rings would be similar to the ones you described,
and you can order any dangle style with the ring or clip of your choice.
A full spectrum of crystal colors is available, and orders are being
shipped within a matter of a few days.

*Are they adjustable?
What if she has very large nipples?
*How do I decide which style to purchase?

** In answer to your question: All the rings are adjustable, the braided
one being the most so. However if a lady has unusually large nipples, we
have an extra length braided nipple ring, which would be more suitable.
If a lady has inverted or collapsing nipples, the Nipple Clips are
recommended. They slide in place easily, and again are adjustable. There
is no extra charge for either of these options, just include the
information with your order.

** In answer to your question about nipple sizing, all of our nipple rings
and clips are designed to adjust to almost any nipple.
The most adjustable rings are the "Braided Adjustable", they are very
easy to open or close and are the easiest for the woman to install her
self. We also make a double wrapped braided adjustable which can be worn
as a single wrapped ring by ladies with very large nipples (over 1/2" in
Our "Solid Adjustable" rings again can be adjusted for fit also but not
as much or as easily, we recommend a woman has help installing these,
the best way to install any of our rings is to have a lover hold the
ring to your nipple then put their teeth against the ring and suck the
nipple through.
We also make "Nipple Clips" which are designed for women who have
collapsing or indistinct nipples - they slid into place like
a hairpin and hold the nipples out.
Which ever rings or clips you choose once you have them adjusted properly
they can be worn literally for days with no problem.

** I have sent an attached picture to help explain the difference between
Solid Adjustable (SA), Braided Adjustable (BA) and Nipple Clip (NC).
Solid Double Wrapped (SDW) and Braided Double Wrapped (BDW) Rings are
made with 1.5 times the length of silver wire which allows them to be
worn with more loops around the nipple.

* I have one very reluctant nipple and the
clip keeps sliding off...any suggestions??

** In our experience, most women's nipples are not identical,
and many find they adjust their jewelry a little differently
for their left and right sides.
A suggestion is to make the clip a little smaller by squeezing the loop (closed end)
together, holding the open ends firmly and so you are putting the
adjustment in the whole length of the clip, not just squeezing the ends
together. You can also try changing the angle when you slide the clip in
place. It takes a little practice to find your own perfect fit - have
fun!!! A little non oily lubrication (saliva is the best) also helps
the Nipple Clip slide in place more easily.

*I have one inverted nipple.
Can I wear your jewelry anyway?

**Ladies with an inverted nipple can wear either the Solid Adustable
or the Braided Adjustable rings. We recommend that you have
your lover help by sucking your nipple through the ring.
Ladies have reported that after wearing our nipple rings their nipples
stay prominent for hours, even days, after the rings are removed.

*I'd like to order a set of nipple rings or dangles,
but am uncertain about which style.
My nipples become erect when stimulated, but tend to flatten easily
without constant stimulation (which I'm sure the nipple rings would help with...)
I think I could wear rings rather than clips.

I'd like to eventually get them to protrude more,
do you think I should try a double wrap to start with?
Thanks for your help,

** Hello
You would probably be best to start with the Single Wrapped Nipple Rings
or Nipple Clips rather than the Double Wrapped Nipple Rings.

When you say your nipples tend to flatten with out stimulation,
do they totally flatten into your aureole
or is the still a little bit of a nipple protruding?

The nipple rings work by being adjusted to slightly smaller in diameter than your
nipples when erect, when on properly your nipple should "mushroom" very slightly over the ring.

They should not be so tight that inward pressure alone will hold them on as
this will also block blood circulation.

If your nipples collapse completely you may be better off to get our
Nipple Clips, at least to start.
Nipples tend to collapse from the center and inwards so where
the rings may fall off the clips will hold.
The clips stay on reliably and help to train your nipples
to stay up for the rings when not erect.

We have also had customers purchase both, a pair rings and a pair of clips
and alternate until the rings will work reliably.

Once the Single Wrapped rings will stay on for you,
you can graduate to the Double Wrapped Rings and
as some of our customers have found you may eventually
be able to "Stack" the rings to get the same effect
as the African neck extension rings, , , , , , , , ,"Ubangy Nipples"!

I would also advise our Twisted over our Braided Nipple Rings for you
as they have a narrower profile and require a little less nipple length to stay on.

*Can I wear my nipple jewelry in public?
Will people know?

** Regarding wearing the jewelry with conventional underwear, yes you can,
the chains look very pretty peeking out from under a lacy bra. But, the
dangles will not show, and the lack of motion will minimize the
stimulating effects. Many ladies wear their nipple chains discreetly
under a loose fitting blouse, without a bra. This way they get the feel
of the fabric moving, and the tickle of the chains, too.

** As far as wearing the jewelry in 'nonplay' environments, this is an
individual choice, and again you can be as discreet or daring as you
wish. I can tell you from experience, that it is no problem getting
traffic to stop to allow a street to be crossed, if you are wearing a
short crop top and nipple chains. The drivers don't seem to mind stopping at
all! And in a night club setting, the flash and glitter of chains and
gems under dance lights is quite a sight!
Ladies with indistinct nipples find that they can now have "Headlights"
under that favorite sweater.

*How do I take my Nipple Dangles off?

**They can be easily removed with soap and water in the shower
(watch out for the drain!) or your lover can suck them off (way more fun!).
Have your lover hold the ring with their teeth, and work your
nipple back through the ring with their tongue!

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Clit Caressers & Pussy Dangles / Leads

*Please tell us how to install the Pussy Dangles for
desired results.

The Pussy Dangles can be worn on the labia or ear or most any where
on your body where there is a little extra skin,
if you really want to make the teenage girls jealous you can even
wear them as double belly rings!
They are usually best installed by the wearer the first few times and
we would recommend wearing them around the house for awhile to
make sure you have them on securely.

To put them on, pull the Gaps in the rings open enough to slide
the rings easily over the desired body part.
On the ear they fit well on the lobe and about half way up the outer edge,
on the labia, where ever feels good, usually about even with the
bottom of her clitoris,
you can also experiment wearing them directly on your clitoris and/or hood.
Once in place gently but firmly squeeze the rings closed
until you feel a good pinch,
once you release the pressure on the ring it will spring open slightly
relieving the pinching sensation.
If they are not on tight enough they will open and fall off, if too tight you
will know, take them off and start again.
By the way J. we have male customers that wear them on their scrotum also
(unisex jewelry)!


To make the Caresser wider:
(1) pull open legs
(2) hold the bottom of the top loop tightly from the sides so
that you are holding both legs flat between your fingers
(3) squeeze ends of legs together to bring them back parallel

To make the Caresser tighter:
(1) hold the ends of the legs tightly, flat between your fingers
(2) squeeze bottom of loop together desired amount

Make adjustments in small amounts, a little can make a big difference.

**Installing your Clit Caresser
Rember that perfecting the fit and installation is a lot of fun!!

*We recieved our jewelry in the mail yesterday....its beautiful!
We could not be happier (both of us).
One concern, it seems that my clitoris is very small and we aren't able to
separate it from the hood...any suggestions ?
Have a great Saturday!
B. & G.

**Hi B & G,
Glad to hear you like your jewelry.
Installing your Clit Caresser should not be to difficult though it may take some
practice (your welcome B).
Do not use oil or lubes they are to slippery, saliva works best.
Before you try to install the Caresser B must be "perky", oral stimulation will
help to facilitate this. G, when you are doing this try to avoid mashing
B's clit with your tongue, instead use your tongue to encourage and caress,
also sucking quite hard directly on her clit should help. Don't rush this part
(your welcome B).
Do not try to separate her clit from the hood, firmly press in on either side and
gently pinch as much of her clit as you can and pull outwards, B will let you
know if you are pinching or pulling to hard. It may take a few tries to get find
a grip, basically a woman's clitoris is generally the shape of a candy cane, you
want to pinch between the the two parts of the top with one finger from either
Now is when it gets tricky, you (G) have to keep a firm grip and keep B's
clit well lubed with saliva while you install the Caresser. Turn the Caresser
upside down and trap all the dangles in your hand and run your tongue down the
length of the legs ( the Caressers legs not B's) to lube it also, now slowly
slide the caresser behind your fingers and on to B's clit from above like a hair pin.
You can pull very gently on the dangles to help it seat into place.
At this point you probably still have the Caresser open to large, thats good, you
want it to fall off easily at first and as you both learn how to install and wear
it you can adjust its fit to stay securely and give maximum stimulation.
To tighten the Clit Caresser first TAKE IT OFF .
Now hold the ends of the two legs ( the Caressers legs not B's) between your
fingers and squeeze the closed end slightly together, this will tighten the
caresser and keep the legs parallel. Do this in small adjustments as a little
adjustment can make a big difference.
At all times if it hurts, you are doing something wrong, take it off and start over.

A small clit is not a problem, just a challenge ;-}
Practice, practice, practice :-)

*What about particularly petite clitorises? Will the jewelry be
difficult to put on or pinch to much on a very small clitoris?

**The Caresser is designed to be very adjustable. We have adjusted caressers for
some ladies so there is almost no space between the two sides, they are so tiny.
PLEASE, make your adjustments in small increments, and ONLY off the body.
Properly fitted, the caresser should feel stimulating, stay on securely,
and be very responsive to dangle tickling.
And besides, the practice is fun! It should NOT hurt in any way.

* Does the clit carresser hurt the lady much?
Should it be put on before she is aroused or after?
If it is put on before and she starts to get aroused and her clit swells,
is there a chance of it hurting her clit?
Can we make love while she is wearing this piece?

** The Clit Caresser does not hurt, either while being installed, or while
wearing. In fact, the installation is half the fun! Remember, the first
rule with our jewelry is 'If it hurts, take it off! You've got it on
wrong!' It is best to be sufficiently aroused that the clit is partly
erect. It makes it easier to grasp and hold onto the slippery little
devil while the Caresser is being slid into place. The moisture is
important (saliva works very well), so the jewelry should be moistened,
too. We do not recommend lubricants, as they tend to make the Caresser
slide off.
The Caresser is adjustable, just pull the ends apart a little, or
squeeze them closer together. Don't adjust it while wearing it. If your
fingers slipped, you could be pinched. For beginners, we recommend you
open the Caresser up somewhat, which makes it easier to put on. Each
lady has her own shape, and 'right' place for the caresser to seat, and
the experimentation is a LOT of fun, too. Once you are more familiar
with your piece of jewelry, you'll probably want to tighten it up, as
this increases stimulation.
While wearing it, the Caresser acts like a tuning fork, vibrating gently
around the clitoris. This vibration carries through the surrounding
inner and outer labia, and is VERY stimulating. The Caresser ends at the
bottom of the clitoral legs, so intercourse is not hampered in any way
though they do tend to get knocked off eventually.

* I am interested in purchasing a clit caresser.
Your web page states that it comes with 2 dangles.
Can these be of different styles and gems?

** Yes the Dangle styles and colors can be of any combination you desire.
Having said that one of the unique characteristics of our Clit Caresser
is that when the dangles collide they cause the whole caresser to gently
vibrate like a miniature tuning fork. Some combinations of dangle may
not collide solidly thereby muting the effect ( eg. 002 & 008 ). We will advise you if it
looks like your selection may cause this.

* I'm interested in an (Ultimate) Clit Caresser.
It should definatly have gemstones.
Most of all I like Hematite, but I think an Ultimate
with 3 Hematite dangles is a bit heavy, isn't it?
Green Onyx is nice too...

** The scan we have attached shows
all the Natural Gemstones we currently have in stock. The colors came out
pretty true other than the larger Green Onyx Agate (6mm.) it should be the same
shade as the smaller one (4mm.). A very rich opaque green, very pretty.
The 6mm stones are about perfect for your average Clit Caresser and yes, the
Hematite ones are heavier.
They also tend to bounce like little billiard balls when they collide which
makes them very sensating. The smaller 4mm. stones are spaced with larger
sterling silver beads to give them some weight.
In the heart shaped stones we usually use the medium size for the caressers,
similar to the Amethyst one at the top and the small ones for matching Nipple
Dangles which is what are at the sides.
The largest stones we use on Extra Heavy Caressers which we do not recommend
for the ladies first one.

**Regarding your questions about the Clit Caresser. It is DEFINATELY
stimulating for the lady. Tapping, tickling or tugging (gently) of the dangles
creates the most wonderful sensations. Under a skirt sans panties, mall
walking has a whole new definition. Dancing I would leave til she has
more experience wearing it. We don't want her to faint on the dance
floor! Please, read the 'How to' page before you put it on her for the
first time. The fit is very individual, and may take a little practice.
Start with it bigger than you think you will need, and then adjust it
gradually. DO NOT adjust the Clit Caresser while it is being worn.

**Regarding wearing the jewelry with conventional underwear, yes you can,
For the caresser, there is still a certain amount of stimulation if worn
under panties, but again, the restriction of motion and vibration
curtails the sensory enjoyment. A very tiny t-bar allows the dangles to
hang on either side, which can then be tickled by you. This is highly
recommended as the vibrations are very arousing.

*Can we have Sex with our jewelry on?

** Our Clit Caresser and Cock Circlets can be worn during sex, depending on
the position and activity level the Caresser may become dislodged but we
find that by that time you usually are to involved to notice or you can
stop and reinstall it (not necessarily a bad thing). The Cock Circlet
can also be worn during sex but you will find that a woman that has done
her Kiegels can strip it off of your penis and hold it inside her
allowing you to do her through the ring. You may have to retreve it
later or if you purchase two circlets and a leash to connect them you
will always be able to pull it out as you withdraw, you will want to do
this slowly as she will still have a grip on the front ring. The leash
(mine is set with Hematite beads) acts like the japanese love beads
moving in and out with every stroke and the front Cock Circlet hits her
"G" spot on every back stroke.
Remember everything we make is pure Sterling Silver so unlike the rubber
cock rings our Cock Circlets have no elastic qualities instead you size
them so that they will stay on comfortably when flaccid and as you
become erect they start to become more restricting helping to maintain
an erection.

**As far as wearing the caresser during intercourse, we have designed it
to end just at the bottom of the clitoral legs, so that access to the
vagina is not impeded. You should check that the dangles are not caught
or pulled inside. In other words, yes, by all means it can be worn, but
please, apply the same common sense you would use with any other play
toy (make sure it is comfy, etc.). We have found that rear entry
positions work well.

* I love the idea of the ultimate clit caresser.
She is afraid it will fall off and will lose it or make a scene.
How secure is it?
Is it possible to join it to nipple rings and perhaps a necklace?
We want something she can wear out but is naughty.

** The Ultimate Caresser can certainly be worn to 'go out' and definitely
qualifies as naughty too. However, we would recommend that it be worn at
home for the first little while, especially since it is advisable to
open the Caresser up the first few times it is worn. This makes it
easier to slip it in place when you are learning, but it also has a
tendency to fall off more easily. After the fit has been perfected, it
can be worn in almost any setting. And it works great with a short skirt
worn without panties, especially if you tickle her dangles!
To attach her caresser, open it up by the bottom to make it a little
wider all the way up. Get her nice and perky, use lots of moisture
(saliva is best). Then hold back some of the clitoral hood, and slide the
caresser down into place. Don't worry about how much of the hood to hold
back, the caresser will find the 'right' spot. Pay attention to your
lady's reactions, it should not hurt at all. If there is a pinch, just
stop, relubricate and start over.It is easier to hold the dangles and
chains out of your way if you first turn the caresser open end up, and
trap them in your fingers. Once you have the technique perfected, you
can start closing the Caresser up, a very small amount at a time, to get
IT!!!!). If the Caresser is going to be worn for an extended period of
time (over a few hours), make sure to remoisten the exposed area
occasionally as the Caresser holds the clit away from the body's natural
lubricants. Although the ultimate caresser can be worn with underwear
and or tight jeans, this does detract from the sensations and motions
the Caresser causes.
Your question regarding attaching the Caresser to other body chains is
quite interesting. We do have "The Ultimate"
-which goes from nipples to navel to labia as a stock item. It would be
very easy to use one of the lower body rings as an attachment to the
Ultimate caresser.
We also do a lot of custom work, and would be very pleased to consider
your design suggestions to create your personal expression of body

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Tush Teasers

*Can men wear the Tush Teaser?
What does it feel like?

**The Tush Teaser is truly Unisex Jewelry.
It can be worn by both men and women, the sensations you feel vary from
subtle to intense depending on your sensitivity and level of activity.
Most of the sensations you feel while wearing a Tush Teaser are caused by the
weight of the dangle moving causing the Tush Teaser to move against the sphincter muscle
similar to the motion of a teeter totter.

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Mens Jewelry

*Will your silver cock rings help me to maintain my erection?

**The Sterling Silver Cock Ring is loosely, not tightly adjusted
around the base of the penis before erection. It allows the natural
flow of blood into the penis during erection but comfortably slows
the blood flowing back to your body.
You accumulate and keep the largest amount of blood in your penis
to achieve maximum erection size, hardness and duration.

*Can the man wear the cock circlets during sex?

**About the male jewelry - the purposes are both ornamental and
stimulating. I 'll try to explain it. Yes, it looks HOT. There is some
sensation for the wearer, you get the brushing of the leash against you,
the silver's presence is felt, BUT the cock circlets are not like rubber
rings, they do not impede the blood flow sufficiently to prevent
ejaculation. You put them on when you are flacid, adjusted so they will
barely stay on. When you become erect, they will now fit snugly, and you
will feel them. For the lady, the stimulation comes from the beads of
the leash, and the circlet worn at the end of the penis. It is a great
G-spot stimulator. Please note, if you are both wearing the men's
jewelry and the caresser, watch out for pinches!!! As far as condom use
is concerned, there are no sharp edges on the male jewelry, so there
shouldn't be a problem with tearing the latex. We do not guarantee
against condom breakage however.

**The cock circlets are all adjustable, they can be opened from a 1 to
3 1/2 inch diameter ring. The difference is in the weight of silver used.
CC LG ...... 3/4 ounce
CC XL ...... 1 ounce
CC XLCustom ......2 ounces
We found that generously endowed men needed the more massive rings to
look proportionate and fit comfortably. That isn't to say that an
averagely built man can't wear the heavier rings, he will just have more
wrap on his rings. And there is not a problem with the 'weight lifting'
either, just do your kiegels!!!

*But is the Leash long enough for when I am erect?

** The leash comes in several different lengths so you will have to specify
what you need ( they also come in a choice of Hematite(blk), Tigers
Eye,Sodalite(blue),Onix Agate(green)and the full spectrum of crystal).

* I'm Looking to have a custom Cock Ring made of sterling silver.
Your rings encircle the base of the shaft.
I want one that encirlcles testes and penis.
Love the braided look of the silver. Inside must be smooth, however.
Any suggestions?

** Our adjustible Cock Rings are available in both twisted and braided,
Sterling Silver or Gold and all surfaces must be smooth and polished to meet our
strict quality control standards.
Since unlike the rubber alternatives the silver retains a certain
tension they can be adjusted to fit at any point on your penis including
behind the testicals and the will retain the size. The braided rings are
available in two weights, Large and X Large.
If you would like a solid Cock Ring they are a special order item and costs
are quoted individually. We would need an accurate measurement for the
inside diamiter of the ring though 1 3/4" -2" id. seems to be most

**About the Cock Circlets, yes they are all adjustable, however the
heaviest ring is much more dificult to adjust down as small as the lightest ring. I
would guess that the largest one would adjust to about 1.25" diameter.

* I see you Cock Circlets come in three sizes
Large, X-large and X-Large Custom.
How do you know what size to order.

** The Cock Circlets are all adjustable.
We do not make a SM or Med Cock Circlets, all three sizes will adjust,
they can be opened from a 1 to 3 1/2 inch diameter ring.
The difference is in the weight of silver used.
The Large Circlet weighs about 3/4 ounce, the XL Circlet weighs about 1 ounce,
the XL Custom Circlet weighs about 2 ounces.

The heavier weights of Silver give a more
massive appearance, a thicker circle. An averagely endowed man could
wear the Medium, Large or XL rings. A well endowed man would find either
the XL or XLCustom sizes to be more proportionate.
It is all a matter of personal preference - some men really enjoy the
extra weight, they say that they are so aware of the presence of the
silver that it is a subtle, constant stimulation.
Whatever size you choose, your circlets will be handwrought Sterling
Silver, smoothly finished, adjustable and a LOT of fun!

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Please Click Here for current Jewelry prices.

Order by Phone .............. 1-877-440-0685
(Toll Free in Canada & the U.S.A.)
If you are any where else in the world, 1 250 675 5199
or Email
Order Desk & Customer Service -

* I'd like to order some stuff from Germany,
but I don't have a credit card and sending cash is a risk.
Do you accept Eurocheques?
Or do you maybe have german retailers?

**Hello; Sorry we have no retailers in Europe at the present time.
We checked with our bank here and they
are unsure as to how to handle a Eurocheque, they would probably require
it to be cleared through the international bank which could take up to 8
weeks. Better than that would be for your bank to draw a draft on a
Canadian bank, this would be treated as cash and the only delay would be the mail.
The other option is that you could get your bank to do a direct deposit
to our account here, this would be the fastest and we would have your
payment in a couple of days. If this is what you prefer let us know and
we will send you the account and transfer numbers etc.

* Hi, I want to order some of your jewlery and
I would like it now.
Could you tell me if you accept Visa credit cards?

** You have a few options for placing your order. The fastest shipping is
when you use your Visa or Mastercard.
Although we do not have online ordering,
you can either email your credit card number, expiry date, and
full name of cardholder as it appears on the card.
If you are uncertain about email security break you card info over two emails.
Or you can telephone TOLL FREE
1-877-440-0685 and give us your order and credit card number directly.
We also accept money orders and certified cheques.

*Do you do mail order to the UK ?.
What is the rate ?

** Yes we do mail order to the UK, as a matter of fact all over the world.
Please go to our Ordering Information page for current pricing.

* What about shipping charges and how long to delivery?

**We CAN NOT Guarantee Delivery Dates
There are simply too many variables
We do promise to do our best to get all orders out a.s.a.p.
Don't forget to allow us time to make your jewelry, usually 5 - 7 days.
Shipping charges and shipping times depend on the destination,
U.P.S. can get your order to you over night but it can be expensive.
Registered air mail is much less expensive but 2 - 3 weeks is not uncommon.

*We don't want to be put on any mailing lists!!

** We respect our customer's privacy! We do not sell our customers
names or other information to any sort of mailing list or spam generator.

** Yes, you can order online.
About 1/2 our customers use the email to send us their card info.
We recomend you break your card number over two or more email
for added security.
The other 1/2 of our customers phone us, 1-877-440-0685
(Toll Free in Canada & the U.S.A.)
For the rest of the world, 1 250 675 5199
You may telephone from 8 am. to midnight MST. Monday through Thursday
and 10:00 am. to 6:00 pm. Friday, Saturday and Sunday
You can also Fax us at 1 250 675 5105

* I really like your jewelry and am considering
purchasing some for a friend.
Do you send paper catalogs via snail mail?

**Yes we do have a paper catalog we can send out to you.
Please Click Here for current price.
Includes a coupon for purchase price to be used towards your first order.

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"Customer of the Month"

* If I send in more than one picture per month do I get another discount?

Only one 10% discount certificate will be issued per month, per submitter no matter how
many photos are submitted.
The certificate may be used on your next order no matter how many products
are ordered.
Multiple orders received on a single day will be treated as a single order for
discount purposes.

* I would like to submit a picture of me in my jewelry
for your customer of the month.
I am uncertain about sending a picture of me over the internet,
I must remain anonymous and do not want my face shown!

**Regarding the photos, we would not show someone's face unless they
specifically asked us to. It is up to you to decide how intimate the
shot should be. We just ask that it be clear, focused, and show the
jewelry! Perhaps you would like to take a pic of her in a very short
skirt, with just the caresser dangles showing??? Just like the jewelry,
you can be as demure or daring as you wish.
We never post other peoples pics except on our
website with their permission.

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Anklet/Toe Rings

* Do you sell toe rings by themselves or just with the anklet? Does the
anklet/toe ring chain allow the toe ring to be worn alone?

** Yes, we sell Toe Rings as a separate item. There are two styles to
choose from - either a braided Sterling Silver Ring, or a finely
scrolled Silver Band. They are gapped instead of being a closed ring,
so they can be adjusted to fit you very comfortably.
The Anklet with one or more toe rings and chains are not detachable.
However we also sell the anklet without the toe ring and chain

* What do the rings on the anklet toe ring look like?
Are they the solid band type? Or are they the split one size fits all type?
Do men wear these as well?

**The toe rings are formed from finely scrolled Sterling Silver
and yes they are a split band.
We have do sell Anklets with or without Toe Rings for men,
we custom make them with heavier chain and band.

* I visited your web site and saw the anklet with toe rings.
I have several questions;
1/ Does the anklet come in varying lengths?- my wife wears 10.75
inches in length anklet; 2/ Can the toe ring chains be removed and
reattached to wear at different times; and 3/Do you have any other foot
type jewelry, anklets, slave anklets etc?

** 1) The anklet can be custom sized to your specifications. Nice to get
such an accurate measurement, by the way.
2) The ankle - toe chains are not designed to be detachable. The clasp
on the anklet is on the inside side of the foot, and the toe chain(s)
come off the front. In order tp make it detachable, another clasp would
have to be attached, which might look a little odd. Having said that, we
do a lot of custom work, and are more than happy to incorporate the
customer's ideas in the design.
3) The anklet can be ordered without any toe chains and rings, Stock
code : ANKL0.
For a more 'slave' look to the anklet, we would use a heavier chain.
Choices are: the chain used on the dress collar on the D/s jewelry page,
or the heaviest chain, the one used on Slave Ring style 7 and the Master
Ring style 8. Shackles in a matching chain could also be made for you.
They would use clasps to go from one ankle to the other.

**Custom orders are individually priced. The stock anklet would be custom
sized at no additional charge.

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