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Ear Dangles

Natural Sapphire , Ruby or

Natural Sapphire
Natural Ruby
These are just three examples of our "Ear Dangles"
with Natural Gemstones
Natural Amethyst

Sterling Silver Ear Dangles (ERD)
 available in your choice of three band styles 
in a wide variety of crystals or gemstones.

 as shown: Ear Dangle, Ornate, Light Blue
 as shown: Ear Dangle, Scroll, Garnet(ERD SCR GAR) 
 as shown: Ear Dangle, Clear, Pink (ERD CLR PIN) 
Ear Clip (ERC)
 For those who prefer an unornamented design, 
same band choice as above. 
 as shown: Ear Clip (ERC ORN) 
 Ear Clip (ERC SCR) 

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