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Now we are pleased to introduce to you our
"Customer of the Year"
for 1999

""J" from California"

"J" is also our "CoM" for January 2000,
"CoM" for January 99
and one of our "COM's" for July 99
Also "J" has submitted pictorial essays on:
Installing Your Nipple Jewelry
Installing Your Clit Carresser

Congratulations "J"
We would also like to thank all of our other Customers who
sent in their submissions, it was truly a very difficult choice!

Hi Bud and Deb,
These pictures were taken at the turn of the century! New Year 2000.
"J" was trying to decide which outfit to wear out for the evening with her jewelry.

The clit and nipple jewelry are great accessories, you
know, accessories make the outfit!
*Please click on the pictures for a larger view

We went shopping in the afternoon and went back to the hotel to try on the
new outfits. "J" was turning heads in the fitting room at the store, and
I sure was glued to her as she tried everything on for me.

We are glad to share the results.

It was such a turn on that night at the party.
Just knowing that we were the only ones wearing clit jewelry with
no panties was a secret that kept "J" wet and M" enticed all night.

But, then again, were we the only ones wearing a secret ? ? ?

She had a wonderful time out this evening with
her nipples and clit being gently carressed.

No one knew why she was glowing so much this nite but "J" and I !

It has been a wonderful year of sensual photos and pleasure. We have had
lots of fun corresponding to the Arabesque customers all over the world from
being on your web page! Some have become wonderful lifetime friends that we
write to often.

We are looking forward to another exciting year of photos, jewelry,
and more FUN!

Thanks for the honor of COY.
"J" and "M"

The stockings that "J" is wearing are from the web page
A customer of yours sent us the link plus some of her pictures.

The End??

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