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"Customer of the Year"
for 1998

"Charles from Colorado"

You may reconize Charles,
he was one of our Customers of the Month for April 1998,
our Customer of the Month for May 1998,
and our Male Customer of the Month for "August 1998"
He is also responsible for several of our new designs and
for the pictures of his freind "W"
Our "Customer of the Month" for April 1999

In the picture above Charles is wearing His Male Choker Necklace,
and Male Nipple Chain joined in the center with one of his Ball Fetter Leashes.

Charles has found many "new" ways to wear his jewelry
that we had not thought of.

Sterling Silver Groin Cloth, Cock Circlets, Ball Fetters & Leash
Pussy Dangles and Body Rings
Remember "NON Piercing" as you look at Charles's Jewelry collection.

These are a custom set of "Pussy Dangles" (longer center chain)
that Charles ordered, he has found them very versitile.
You will see them in a couple of different places.

Charles is showing us his Braided Cock Circlets,
The Braided Cock and Ball Rings at the base of
his penis are joined together with third smaller ring,
they were designed by Charles.
Charles has switched to his "Twisted Circlets" and "Love Bump" Circlet for this shot.
Notice his "NON Piercing" Body Rings

If you have something you would like incorporated into a custom design,
send us a picture or description and we will advise you if it is feasable.

Charles is buliding quite a collection,
including "NON Piercing Body Rings" he is wearing as Prince Alberts

The "Cock and Ball Circlets" below were also designed by Charles

We hope to have pictures of him wearing them soon......

Charles's Home Page

Email Charles Here!

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