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Arabesque Body Jewelry
are pleased to introduce to you our
"Customer of the Month"
August 2012

"A" & his Lady
from the USA

Hi Deb,
My partner absolutely adores the "Nova" sterling silver nipple shields
which she received for her birthday in March.

These photos - sent with her consent and encouragement!
- show how utterly lovely and arousing the shields are!

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

She has noted that while she does not particularly notice
the pressure on her nipples, their erect stature pleases and
stimulates her for hour after hour.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

As one who is more than an admirer of her beauty
I greatly appreciate the added benefit!

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

The nipple shields and a tightly drawn corset
brought a certain fervor to last evening ...

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

We have been looping a three strand silver necklace behind the shields

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

The triple silver simply triggers unpronounceable love and lust!

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

The idea of something truly designed for the set
is much more appealing!
(Check out our Nipple Triple Chains)

Now to find the right venue for more public display ...

You continue to go above and beyond helping us achieve
beauty as well as pleasure!

Our (and I do mean our) satisfaction with the jewelry,
the service and simply every aspect of these transactions
has been without match or equal

You are definitely the best.

"A" & ? from the USA

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