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Customer of the Month
August 1998

Charles of Colorado
Body Dangles

I received the new dangles this morning .
They are really great.

Body Dangles

I think I may be the best dressed naked man in Colorado.

Body Dangles

My company was here and they were impressed with my jewelry, especially with the groin cloth.
They also thought your web pages and mine were neat.

Next Letter......
Body Dangles

Dear Bud & Deb:
I received my new ring with dangle this A.M. As always I am very satisfied.
I am attaching a file of it in use. The safety chain is hooked
to the connecting chain of my body dangles (only it is on the sides of
the penis). I am sure I will be able to wear the new ring all day.

Am going to see if I can get all my jewelry on at the
same time, if I can will send a photo.

Below is the latest pic that Charles has sent to us,
we have to agree,
He is the best dressed nudist in Colorado!!

Charles in all his jewelry

If any one wants to challenge his claim we would love to see the pics ! ! !
You can see more of Charles and his jewelry at
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