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"Customer of the Month"
for August 1999

"Heidi H. from Coahuila, Mexico"

Hello my Arabesque-Friends

My name is Heidi H. from Coahuila, Mexico
My husband gave me as an Easter present
some Arabesque Jewelry.

On the first opportunity I had
to test them out. We left for lunch to an local restaurant and I was
wearing the black top and black pants, my NIPPLE CHAIN and
of course no bra.
I dont know who was glancing more to my tits, my husband or
the waiters, at least we had an excellent atencion on our table. I got so
excited and my nipples sooo erected we had to go home soon.

In the garden at home I removed my pants and my
husband started with the pics.
Soon I had to get rid of the top too so we really could

We were afraid the Arabesque Jewelry would drop down in the water,
but a big surprise, we can stay for hours in the hot tub and the jewelry
remains in place, basically because the nipples stay
erect and hard, and dont ask me why...

Later we changed to the NIPPLE DANGLES.
My husband likes them especially because he can play with them
(and my nipples of course) and walking on the beach
it is just incredible how people get attracted.

Two weeks ago we were to Cap D'Adge in France,
and everybody asked us about the NIPPLE DANGLES.

My husband found the easiest way to put the Nipple Ring on.
First he gets my nipple moistened,
then he puts the ring on top of my erect nipple
and sucks my nipple through the ring.
That is very fast and easy.

It always takes me more time to get my husband away from the nipple,
he is whispering something like: " I have to check for the perfect fit..."

And last but not least,
we used the Belly Brilliants as Pussy Dangles and Ball Rings.
As you can see we both are pierced but the
Arabesque Jewelry is perfectly complementary.
The Belly Brilliant dangles are a bit too short when we wear them this way.
I definitely will need a pair of Pussy Dangles or two
(the other one for my husbands Balls).

I hope You enjoyed the pics as I do. I had to promise my husband
another photo session as soon as we get the new
set of Arabesque Jewelry we are ordering today.

For any comments or " fanletters" we opened a special E-Mail,
We hope to hear from you soon
Richard and Heidi

Richard and Heidi have suggested that we should form a club of Arabesque-Lovers
Meet them & us regularly some place in the USA, once a year or every 6 months.
What do you think?
Click here to write to us

Bud & Deb

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