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Arabesque Body Jewelry
are pleased to introduce to you our
"Customers of the Month"
for July 2004

"Gary & Mary"
from Florida

HI Bud & Deb,
"Mary" and I received her new
Peridot and Amethyst Millennium
Ultimate Clit Caresser
and all "Mary" could say was WOW!

She really liked it a lot as
you can see by her pictures.

We had our first outing for the summer at
our nude club and needless to say she was even
a bigger hit than last year with her new jewelry.

Peridot over Amethyst Millennium Ultimate Clit Caresser
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

The steady stream of onlookers
both men and women was fantastic.

It was a really hot and sunny day so
as she lay with her legs wide apart,
the jewels and her engorged lips were
glistening in the bright sun.

What made it even hotter was the club owner
getting a real close look at how it went on
and how it made her pussy even more beautiful.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

He was so impressed and turned on
that he would bring others over for
a look see too!

Needless to say "Mary" was very flattered
and proud of how it looked and made her feel.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

Also, I always knew when "Mary" approached due
to the large crystals hitting together.

She said that the added weight did "tug"
on her lips and clit nicely and made her
"quite wet" from the vibrations
of the crystal balls hitting.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

We will be ordering some other items like
matching ear rings or a waist chain soon.

I hope you enjoy the pictures
"Gary & Mary"

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

We went to our nude club this past Saturday
and "Mary" wore her original blue Clit Caresser first.

I brought the Millenium Ultimate Clit Caresser
also and after a few drinks got to wondering if
she could wear BOTH of them at the same time....

guess what no problem!!

The added Clit Caresser really made her lips
butterfly like I never seen.

It really looked hot seeing all of that
sparkling along with her wet pussy.

The added jewels acted like a light house as
the interest in her puss was even greater!

"Gary & Mary are looking forward to your comments and Fan Mail
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"Gary & Mary"

( G J S )

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