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are pleased to introduce to you our
"Customer of the Month"
June 2005

from The U. S.

Dear Deb & Bud,
Here are a few more pictures for Customert of the Month.

I hope you like them.

I compliment you on your fine craftmanship.

Deb had been thinking about a Male Ultimate Cascade
for quite some time and was Delighted when J called.

Between them they designed and perfected J's new jewelry.
It is accented with Red Jade to match his original order
of Cock Rings, Ball Fetters, Ball Fetter Leash and Groin Cloth.

Male Ultimate Cascade
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

J's Ultimate Cascade is suspended from his Nipples
by Men's Nipple Clips, the bottom Nipple Chain runs through a Non Piercing Belly Ring
then a strand of Red Jade continues down to connect to his Groin Cloth.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

Deb and "J" also designed a pair of Leads to run from his Groin Cloth
to the Cock Ring worn behind the head of his penis.
The two Dangles on the end of J's new "Leads add a little tickle
and also match the NON Piercing Pussy Dangles on his scrotum.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

A perfect way to rein in his manhood!

If you look behind J's testicals you can see one more Red Jade Dangle,
this is actually his new Tush Teaser.

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

Take a bow J.

My wife and I will continue to enjoy your jewelry to the fullest.
Once again, Keep up the Good Work

"J" was also our Customer of the Month for March 2005,
Click here to view

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