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Now we are pleased to introduce to you
"Customers of the Month"
for May 2000

"Beth & Paul"

Hi Deb & Bud, We have been vacationing
here in Saint Maarten, Nude Resort for the
past 8 years , but this year was the BEST.

Wearing the Clit C all day and night , was very
very exciting and absolutely drove Paul
He had to keep his pants on when we were
taking these photos , it was GREAT !!
He is like going through his twentys again ,
he was up more than the trees!

I am laughing because Paul dropped
his towel and there were people watching!
He had a standing ovation.

Just enjoying the sun & myself
I highly recommend the water treatment ! The Dangles move with the water !!
It puts a hole new meaning to the tide coming in !

WOW in the water, the feeling is
more than fantastic , I mean being
nude in the ocean is always great ,
but with the ClitC on , is a real turn on !!!

The water moves the dangles all around !!

I was standing in the water just smiling
& Smiling and Smiling !!!

Paul had to drag me out  after he
checked to see if my dangles were
still there, but then I had to wait for
him to get out of the water ,
I call it the ClitC effect , it really effects
his blood flow! very well I might add.

Dressed to go out dancing,
after dinner the dress comes off.

I received many complements on the
jewelry while dancing, especially when
the band played the old Twist Again song!

I was pretty excited most of the time.

Well all we can say AGAIN is that the Clit Caresser and the Nipple rings are soo Exciting to wear.
They provide a fantastic amount of pleasure for both of us!
and I really enjoy being Customer of the Month.

We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them.
You can write to us at:

Beth & Paul

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