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"Customer of the Month"
for April 1999

"W. from Colorado"

W. is a friend of Charles from Colorado
and some of the jewelry she is wearing is actually his,

In the picture above W. is wearing Charles's Male Choker Necklace,
and Male Nipple Chain joined in the center with one of his Ball Fetter Leashes.

Connect the dots anyone?

Here W. is modeling her own Blue Onyx and Crystal Nipple Chain Set
A beautiful and feminine look on a beautiful woman.

Dear Bud and Deb,
I am going to attach pics of W, hope you can use them. If you make her a COM she would like to be known as W. from Colorado. You can also associate her with me. She really liked the nipple chain, wore it all after- noon. She said it was very comfortable. As you may notice she is wearing the clit clip you made with the custom dangles we supplied.
D. (W's husband) and I had a lot of fun taking the last pics. She has promised another sitting one of these days.

Charles from Colorado
(Customer of the Year 1998)

W is beginning to build her jewelry set, the Nipple Chain is her second piece.
Her first item of Arabesque jewelry is a Custom made Clit Hugger,
designed for her by Charles and made by us.

The Crystals were supplied by W.

If you have something you would like incorporated into a custom design such as this,
send us a picture or description and we will advise you if it is feasable.

W. is back into Charles's jewelry again,
these are his Braided Body Rings worn on her labia.
Charles usually wears them on his scrotum or penis.
Truly versatile jewelry!

Email can be sent to W. care of Charles at
Please address your fan mail to W.

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