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"Customer of the Month"
for March 1999

"K. N. from Texas"

Hi Bud and Deb,

Having a great time with the jewelry.
As you can see, they are a perfect fit.

Last week-end we went to a club in Austin, TX called Anchovies
(see article in Mar. '99 "Playboy")
The club is different and hard to explain.
The article in Playboy does a good job but it is
still a place better experienced than described.

I was wearing the outfit you see in the pics.

(they were taken while I was getting ready to go -
or attempting to get ready with my husband, camera,
and roaming hands hampering my progress)

The nipple rings were clearly visible under the shirt I was wearing
(for a short time).
Crowd appeal was incredible and before long the nipple
rings made their round in the main club area.

While in the ladies room I was mobbed by curious ladies wanting
to try on the clit caresser, which I happily helped them try on.

Needless to say, the jewelry caused quite a sensation.

One husband said his birthday was coming up
and his wife was getting your jewelry for his gift!

If you start receiving orders from the Austin, Houston area
it is because I was handing out napkins with your web site
on them.

Thanks for the honor of being your customer of the month.
I opened a special e-mail for the CoM
(can't imagine getting "fan mail" lol - what a hoot!)
The address is
Blessed Be

I thought you might be interested in our favorite link,

Here there be dragons!

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