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Now we are pleased to introduce to you
"Customer of the Month"
for March 2000

"Beth from the USA"

Dear Deb & Bud,
I want to thank you for talking to my husband and telling him about your Clit Caressers,
he said he was just going to order the nipple rings,

Beth showing us her Braided Adustible Nipple Rings

but after you told him how they would make me feel - he got very excited -
which I am very happy to say, SO AM I ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Beth showing us her Hematite & Jet Black Ultimate Clit Caresser

It was your great Customer of the Month web pages that
got me very interested in trying - the great photos - people.
I have emailed the people who were of major influence
and thanked them all

Beth showing us the results of wearing her Hematite & Jet Black Ultimate Clit Caresser

as well as including a couple of photos to see what they caused.

I think I would like a heavier CLTU, but dancing with this one is more than GREAT.

I hope that Bud will continue to build the COM -
it was the reason I (we) became very interested and wanted to try some.
Paul said he would like to take some photos for the COM, but I didn't want to wait,
I wanted to show you what you caused - and thank you and the COM's for it,

* * * Since Beth submitted the pictures above she has
recieved her next jewelry order and submitted more pics * * *
(Bud & Deb)

Beth showing us  her Solid Adjustible Nipple Ring

You were correct - WOW , I mean the feelings are breath taking.

Beth showing us the results of wearing her Hematite & Jet Black Ultimate Clit Caresser

Dear Deb,
WOW AGAIN, yes, you are correct again!! The weight is great!
It is wild on my clit, I love it (so does Paul).
Although I don't think I will wear this one on the beach - it hangs a little long,
but great for dancing with a dress or skirt.

I have also instructed Paul that he will need to keeps his PANTS ON while we
are taking pictures on the beach and around- it seems that your jewelry has
a MAJOR EFFECT on him and that is Not allowed on the beach
( although I am very very pleased ).
We are going to get you some very nice Island photos for the site.
Paul wants to get used to taking the pic without shaking SO MUCH,
I don't know why, he has seen me nude for years,
it must be what I am wearing !!!!!

Thanks for the extra fun in my life !


Thanks "Beth"
we are looking forward to your island pictures.....

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