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"Customer of the Month"
for Febuary 1999

Remember our "C.O.M" for Dec. 1999,
"R from the UK"
She's back and she brought a friend with her!!

"R" would like to introduce you to "S"

We can thank the husbands "J" and "L" for keeping focused on the job at hand
( no doubt a very difficult task ! ! ! )
while installing the ladies jewelry and taking these great pictures.
It's a tough job but someone has to do it ;-}

Hi Bud and Deb,

Its us again. Here are a some of pics of our friend with her Arabesque
jewellery, taken yesterday. She's quite happy for you to use them, but we'll
send some better ones, as I think I had the camera set to low res!
Well I had just installed the rings in the way you recommend!

An interesting point is that she has both nipples and clit pierced, but had
trouble with the piercings, and they closed up. So she and her husband are
really thrilled with your stuff.

We fitted "R"s body rings to "S"s outer
labia, and she thought they were great.

"S" and "R" got cross-wired.
Well, you know what its like when you've had a drink or three........

I have considered your query concerning the wattage of my hookup.
I thought I had them connected in parallel, but judging by the voltage produced
it must have been series.......!

All the best,
"R" and "J".

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Hi Guys;
.........the four of us had a great evening helping each other to try on your
excellent jewellery, congratulations on your fabulous site,
we look forward to seeing "S"s piccy's on it.

We would like to add that for seven year "S" had full nipple, clit. And
labia piercings, which were painful to have executed, and over the years
suffered numerous problems with infections (no matter how careful you were
over hygiene and cleaning piercings so in the end we took them out.
Your solution is 100%, they look good, are very erotic and give you the best of both worlds.

We would add that it is superb value for the money.

"L" & "S"

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