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Now we are pleased to introduce to you
"Customer of the Month"
for February 2002

Mexico City, Mexico

Dear Deb & Bud:
I'm "E" from Mexico City.

I got to your site while I was surfing the web one of the last days of 2000.
Nevertheless I was curious to try the jewelry, I must say
I made up my mind while browsing the "CoM" pages.
There are many great photos of nice people.

I ordered a pair of nipple dangles and an Ultimate Clit Caresser for
my wife "P", and for me a Cock Circlet, a Ball Fetter and a Tush Teaser.
The items arrived over here on Feb. 14th 2001...and we were surprised.
The jewelry is simply beautifully crafted!

So as I promised you (better late than never...), here are some photos
for your "CoM" pages. These are of me wearing the jewelry.
My wife's ("P") are going to wait until she makes up her mind to be shown here....

I hope you like them.

"Click on the pictures for a larger view"

We try to use it as often as we can at home.
We have wore it some times when we go out.
"P" wears it without panties and I wear it with loose pants and no undies.

I love to see her wearing it, I can not take off my eyes off her.
Her tits looks even more beautiful wearing her Nipple Dangles, and
her pussy looks so hot with the Ultimate Clit Caresser on it.

She loves to see me wearing my jewelry of course.
It's so sexy!

We have had great sexual times every time we wear the jewelry.
You are right, the rear entry positions work just fine while wearing the jewelry!

We love the whole new sensations:
"P" is more aware of the caresses in her nipples
(I love to suck them...), how the front dangle of her CLTU tickles
her clit with every single movement or suck...mmmh!.

I love how the Cock Circlet and the Ball Fetters
wraps tightly around my genitals,

and the Tush Teaser...I recommend it for both sexes,
the dangle transmits its movement to the insert,
this means anal stimulation every time the dangle moves...
you have to try it!

E & P
Mexico City, Mexico

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