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Now we are pleased to introduce to you
"Customer of the Month"
for January 2004

"C. & J."
from British Columbia Canada

"Click on this picture for a larger view"

J. & C have quite an extencive set of
Arabesque Body Jewelry
including one of our most uncommon items:
Necklace and Pierced Ear rings
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

Pierced Ear Rings!
Though almost all of our jewelry is
for NON Piercing, we do by special request
design Ear Rings to match a set.

Nipple To Nipple Chain
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

"C" is doing a great job of modeling her
New Jewelry.

Her Nipple to Nipple Chain which is
designed to match in Ruby Austrian Crystal,
dangle style 005 on Braided Ajustible
Non Piercing Nipple Rings

Ultimate Clit Caresser
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

"C's" Ultimate Clit Caresser again matches
her Ear Rings, Necklace and Nipple Chain.

Her set is completed with a Waist Chain made in
Clear Austrian Crystal which will go with anything.

Notice the Smile!!
"Click on this picture for a larger view"

Theres that Smile again!!

"C's" comments are:
I'd like to tell your customers that i really like
the way Arabesque applies the jewellery,
It's fun and erotic.

If people don't like piercing,
this is the way to go,
Glad I found the alternative.
I would like to try the other nipple rings also.

Thanks "J & C"

Have Fun!

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