Arabesque Body Creations & Design

We Create

NON-PIERCING Body Jewelry.

All most all of our jewelry is NON PIERCING
crafted in solid Sterling Silver or 14kt and 18kt Gold
then ornamented with Austrian Crystals
and Genuine Gemstones

"In the world of high class quality jewelry for one's privates,
Arabesque Body Creations & Design are leading the pack.
The Nipple Dangles and Ultimate Clit Caresser are
splendid examples of state-of-the-art, non-piercing adornments.
Finely crafted from sterling silver and encrusted with brilliant gemstones,
this body wear makes a statement and the statement is pure elegance.
The Clit Caresser goes way beyond mere looks; the slightest movement
will cause your erogenous zone to explode with trembling delight,
and the Nipple Dangles will enhance your chest for all those erotic formal occasions."

--Saul McCarthy - AVN - Adult Novelty Business Magazine - July 2005--

Featured in Penthouse Forum - Fashion Forum - September 2004

A great line of non-piercing jewelry with some
spectacular neckpieces and one of the
largest selections we've seen.
They custom make items for you,
and it is all very high quality, classy, and sexy.
----Dr. Susan Block----

"This unique fashion accessory is another outrageous
fashion statement for those who dare!"
----Tamara Nowakowsky,
reporter on "Rough Cutz: the program" CBC Television ----

"Consider something much more intimate
for your special someone -
Body jewelry!"
---- Anne Alexander, express writer, "the Edmonton Sun" ----

"The Workmanship and Materials are top quality.
Working with Sterling Silver, European Crystals and Natural Gemstones,
Arabesque offers designs from ears to toes allowing
customers to make their own unique fashion statement."
---- David Fuller, Journalist, "TAB Magazine" ----

"Running the gamut from Slave Rings to Ear Dangles to,
well, stuff that hangs down there,
there really is something for every one.
So Don't get your nipple pierced for that party on Friday,
instead slip into somthing more temporary like a Nipple Clip!"
---- Ryan Greenwood, Fashion Reporter, "Vue Weekly" ----

So why all the interest in our jewelry?

because it is so different!
There is nothing else quite like the pieces we design.

because it is beautiful!
The silver glitters, the crystals and gemstones gleam
plus there is a built in tickle in every piece.

because of the quality!
The luster of Sterling Silver, the finest crystals
and gemstones and the fine attention to detail,
no wonder people love our jewelry so much!

it is all NON PIERCING!
We at Arabesque are not "anti-piercing", instead
we offer an alternative for those who love jewelry
but who do not wish to pierce.
We believe you can have the "look" of piercing
without the pain or health risks that
may be associated with piercing the body.

When you enter the ALL AGES section
you will find Slave Rings, Arm Bands,
Ear Dangles, Body Rings, Belly Brilliants,
Waistchains and Anklets.
Yes, there is jewelry for men, too.
Our All Ages jewelry accents new sheer
and belly baring fashions beautifully.
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When you enter the ADULT section,
you will find jewelry for lovers,
designed to stimulate as well as titillate,
worn on some of your most intimate places.

Gentlemen, we have not forgotten you here either!
You must be OF LEGAL AGE to enter.
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