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Non Piercing
Nipple Rings & Nipple Clips

All Nipple Jewelry can be ordered with,
Single Wrapped Nipple Rings, Double Wrapped Nipple Rings
Or Nipple Clips

Nipple Clips (NC)
Designed for women
with indistinct or
collapsing nipples.
Comfortably holds
reluctant nipples erect.
Twisted Adjustable
Nipple Rings (TA)

Our most popular
and most adjustable ring,
can be installed orally
or manually
Braided Adjustable
Nipple Rings (BA)

Our second most popular
also easily adjustable
can be installed orally
or manually
Our standard Adjustable Nipple Rings fit
comfortably and securely on nipples from 1/4" - 7/16" dia.
If your nipples are substantially larger or smaller than this tell us when
you order and we will use the appropriate size rings to fit you
All Rings, Clips & Chains Are SOLID Sterling Silver!!!
Twisted Adjustable
Twisted Adjustible Nipple Rings
Nipple Rings

Arabesque Nipple Jewelry
Twisted Adjustable Rings
unless other Nipple Rings or
Nipple Clips are requested

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We have had a customer with severely inverted nipples report
back to us that with dedicated help from a friend they were able
to get her nipple rings to stay on thereby holding her nipples out indefinitely.

She also reports that her nipples will stay out for extended periods
after she removes her Nipple Rings!!

We have also had customers report that after wearing our Nipple Clips
they are able to train their nipples to stay a little further out and
with practise they are able wear our Nipple Rings

We have had Medical Doctors recommend our
Nipple Jewelry to help with inverted nipples

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