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Installing Your Arabesque Nipple Jewelry
Courtesy of Our "Customer of the Month" for January 1999
J from California

J & M have been receiving questions from you
regarding installing Arabesque Nipple Jewelry
In response they submitted this pictorial essay on
Installing Your Nipple Dangles

Thanks J & M

Hello Bud and Deb,
We put our photo's together for the instructional on putting on the nipple jewelry. I hope these will help out your site as much as the last instructional did!
Talk to you soon,
J & M

How to Wear Your Nipple Jewelry
1. The first step for wearing the nipple jewelry is making the nipples aroused.

2. I play with my nipples, (tug, twist and pull) or you can have your lover/friend help with making your nipples erect.

3. With the nipples erect, I open the nipple rings fairly large* to let my nipples go through them with ease.

4. With the nipple through the ring, I carefully use my other hand to gently close the ring. When the ring is closed around the nipple, I keep a firm tug on the nipple with one hand and then use two fingers to gently roll the ring tighter around the nipple.

I make the ring fairly tight on my nipples, just incase my nipples go softer.

5. By trial and error you will find the correct tension of the rings.
There should be no pain, take care when tightening the rings.

I can wear these nipple chains all day without any discomfort, all I feel is joy and fun!

Hope you have as much fun as I have with the Arabesque jewelry;
can't wait to see you as Customer of the Month!

J and M California

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Opening and closing the Nipple Rings in this manner
may eventually cause them to fail,
though this is not covered by warranty it is not an expencive repair.
For other methods of installing your Arabesque Jewelry go to
How to Wear Our Jewelry

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