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Body Jewelry

Whether worn on Eyebrow, Lip, Nose, Navel,
or more intimate body parts,
Arabesque's Sterling Silver Body Jewelry
is sure to stir the wearer, and watcher.
All Non Piercing, all sensational!

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NON-PIERCING Sterling Silver Body Rings
An 'alternative' fashion statement for the illusion of body piercing
without the permanence!
Available in Solid or Braided styles and 3 sizes
CLICK HERE for BODY RING (BR) Style Codes & Prices
Co-ordinates beautifully with your Slave Ring!
Available in three styles, see enlargement for details.
CLICK HERE for ARM BAND (ARM) Style Codes & Prices
Nipple Chain, Slave Ring, Waistchain
Choose your favorite colour and style for a sensual ensemble!

See Style Codes and Pricing for complete information

CLICK HERE for SLAVE RING (SLV) Style Codes & Prices
Waistchain (Back View)
For the wearer, an extra tickle.
For the watcher, a very pretty sight!
CLICK HERE for WAIST CHAIN (WSTCH) Style Codes & Prices
Vertical Nipple Chain
Use Body Rings to wear your Nipple Chain in an
exciting new way!
See Dangle Styles for choices
CLICK HERE for NIPPLE CHAIN (NNC) Style Codes & Prices
The Ultimate Cascade
The Ultimate Cascade
A cascade of Nipple, Navel and Body Chains,
each is uniquely hand wrought to create your
Ultimate erotic fashion fantasy!
CLICK HERE for The ULTIMATE CASCADE (ULT) Style Codes & Prices

 Click   HERE  for close ups of Dangle Styles! 

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