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D/s Jewelry

D/s Jewelry that can be worn discreetly in public,
Though most of our jewelry can be worn in the D/s spirit,
these pieces in particular lend themselves well to this lifestyle.

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Sterling Silver Collars & Leashes
some very discreet and some not
matching Leash for the more private times

CLICK HERE for D/s Collar (LCN) Style Codes & Prices
Slave ring with 4 finger rings

Mistress & Slave Rings,
 With 1 - 5 Finger Rings 

CLICK HERE for SLAVE RING (SLV) Style Codes & Prices

Master & Slave Rings
With 1 - 5 Finger Rings

CLICK HERE for SLAVE RING (SLV) Style Codes & Prices

Bejeweled Chain Anklets
With 0 - 5 Toe rings

Even your mother will not guess the symbolism behind this jewelry.
CLICK HERE for ANKLET (ANK) Style Codes & Prices
Control your male sub.

Pussy Lead
Control Your femsub
Gently squeeze the Body Rings on to her labia
and attach the optional Leash, She will follow!!
Two NON-Piercing Body Rings with Ring in center of
connecting chain for attaching Leash

CLICK HERE for PUSSY LEAD Style Codes & Prices

Since almost all of our jewelry is Custom Designed for the
Customer buying it most of our jewelry never shows up on our web site.
To solve this we will post scans of some of the more interesting pieces here
Click on the description to view. Contact us for pricing on Custom Designs.
D/s Collars & Jewelry ..... Click Here for Standard Pricing
Hematite femsub Set (Mixed)
Amethyst malesub Collar (004)
Hematite malesub Collar
Hematite malesub Collar Close Up
Amethyst femsub & malesub Collars
Amethyst femsub Collar (004)
Hematite Heart femsub Collar
Moonstone & Crystal femsub Collar (004)
Austrian Crystal Ruby & Clear femsub Collar (004)
Austrian Crystal Sapphire & Clear femsub Collar (004)
Natural Blue Topaz Femsub Collar
Hematite Wristlets & Shackle (Custom)

Arabesque Body Creations & Design (Main Index)

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