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Extra Heavy Ultimate Clit Caressers

Due to its weight and the way the stones bounce when they collide
(similar to billiard balls) Natural Hematite is our most Stimulating Stone.
Hematites extra density and weight cause more movement and there for more stimulation to the Clitoris.

We have been asked by many of our customers for even Heavier Original and Ultimate Clit Caressers

Extra Heavy Ultimate Clit Caressers

A & B ( 6 - 7 grams ) (CLTU) are examples of our regular weight "Ultimate Clit Caressers"
C ..... 10 grams (CLTU XHC)
D ..... 14 grams (CLTU XHD)
E ..... 20 grams (CLTU XHE)
F ..... 25 grams (CLTU OMG)
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All the above Extra Heavy Clit Caressers are made with Natural Hematite Stones

Extra Heavy
Smokey Quartz
14 grams
Ultimate Clit Caresser
13 grams
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Double Nipple Chain

Because each piece is individually hand crafted and the availibility of some stones,
very seldom do two turn out identical. Your order will be similar to the ones shown.

We welcome Your input!
This is very Personal Jewelry and we believe it should reflect the wearers taste & style.

Though we don't recomend the Extra Heavy Clit Caressers for your first piece
of clitoral jewelry many of our repeat customers have found the extra weight and
movement greatly magnifys the stimulation they cause.

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