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Ultimate Clit Caressers

The Ultimate in Sensating Jewelry

* Regarding your questions about the Caresser.
It is DEFINATELY stimulating for the lady.
Tickling or tugging(gently) of the dangles creates the most wonderful sensations.
Under a skirt sans panties, mall walking has a whole new definition.
Dancing I would leave til she has more experience wearing it.
We don't want her to faint on the dance floor!
Please, read the 'How to' page before you put it on her for the first time.
The fit is very individual, and may take a little practice.

Ultimate Clit Caresser Ultimate Clit Caresser

* With the Caresser, there is a certain amount of stimulation if worn under panties,
but the restriction of motion and vibration curtails the sensory enjoyment.
A very tiny t-bar allows the dangles to hang on either side,
which can then be tickled by you.
This is highly recommended as the vibrations are very arousing.

* As far as wearing the caresser during intercourse,
we have designed it to end just at the bottom of the clitoral legs,
so that access to the vagina is not impeded.
You should check that the dangles are not caught or pulled inside.

In other words, yes, by all means it can be worn,
but please,
apply the same common sense you would use with any other play toy
(make sure it is comfy, etc.).
We have found that rear entry positions work well.

Ultimate Clit Caresser, Up Skirt

* Denotes excerpts form our "F.A.Q."page.

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