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Arabesque Clit Caresser
Installation Technique.

(Pictorial below)

Some lubrication is necessary but as most commercial
lubes will stay too slippery for too long.
We recommend either saliva or the womans own vaginal fluids.

A clitoris is very similar to a small penis.
To successfully install the Clit Caresser it is important that
the womans clitoris is sufficiently stimulated to be erect.

Once she is ready gently grip her clit between your thumb
and forefinger and pull outwards slightly, then making sure
the chains are on the outside of the Clit Caresser form,
slide the Clit Caresser down behind her clit.
Once the Caresser is most of the way on drop the beads and chains
and use them to gently pull the Caresser the rest of the way down onto the clit.
As you pull the Caresser down it will roll the head of the clit
slightly forward and form a small groove behind it to sit in.

If you leave a gap between the top of the Clit Caresser and the clit,
the caresser will work its way off.

If you have trouble wearing the Clit Caresser reliably
the problem may be with the fit.
If it is too wide simply hold the open end of the Clit Caresser
flat between your thumb and forefinger then squeeze the
"legs" slightly together just below the top.
A small adjustment will make a large difference so only do this a little at a time.
If the Clit Caresser is too tight pull the bottom of the "legs"
slightly open then hold the Caresser flat between your thumb and forefinger
near the top then squeeze the "legs" slightly together.

It is important that the "legs" of the Clit Caresser remain parallel,
if they become "V" shaped the caresser will tend to work its way off.

The Nipple Rings on Arabesque Nipple Dangles can also
be adjusted larger or smaller to fit, you want them
slightly smaller in diameter than the womans nipples
so that there is a slight "mushroom" effect.
This Mushrooming will hold the Nipple Rings and Dangles
securely on her nipples.

Presizing the rings and sucking the womans nipples
through the Nipple Rings is the best but not only way to install them.

Expect to spend some time practicing installing and wearing
the jewelry before you get it to stay on securely but
have fun while you are learning.

Installing Your Arabesque Clit Caresser
Courtesy of Our "Customer of the Month" for January 1999
J from California

J & M have been receiving questions from you
regarding installing Arabesque Clit Caressers
In response they submitted this pictorial essay on
Installing Your Clit Caresser

Thanks J & M

Hello Bud and Deb,
Here are the text and photos that we made up,
and from the comments we have received everyone loves them.
We hope they work for you as well.

J & M

Instructions for the Clit Caresser
The first step for putting the Clit Caresser on is being in the right mood!
The more aroused you are the better!

The second step is to moisten your clit and lips with saliva.
I use my fingers or my lovers tongue, use your imagination.
An erect clit makes it much easier to put on!

With the clit moist and erect, I spread the Clit Caresser
open just enough to go around my clit and inner lips.
Start a little higher than where your inner lips come together above your clit.

I find that it helps if I pull my inner lips out while sliding the Clit Caresser down.
By doing this, the Caresser has more of the lip to stay on with.
Don't forget to keep it moist!

When the Clit Caresser is started where you want it, keep sliding it down.
Sometimes I gently pull down on the dangles, one in each hand,
to slightly spread the Caresser open. Don't give up, take a deep breath,
it took me a few tries before I found the magic spot.

This is how it looks on me when it is installed all the way.
Notice how the clit is showing.
Every hour or so, the clit and lips need to be moistened with saliva,
since they tend to dry in the air (The Clit Caresser tends to irritate if the lips are dry).
It should never be painful, if it is, then the clip may be too tight.

After you have the Clit Caresser on, try walking around the house
for some time to see how it feels and to check how long you can wear it.
If it falls off, it needs to be adjusted tighter, or it may be uncomfortable
and then you may have to loosen it up a bit.
The object is to try different adjustments and different positions of the Clit Caresser.
Everybody is different so the main thing is to be patient and explore.

Hope you have as much fun as I have with the Arabesque jewelry;
can't wait to see you as Customer of the Month!

J and M California

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