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Clit Caresser "Lite"
Nipple Dangles "Lite"

Clit Caresser Lite (CLTL):

Modeled after our original Clit Caressers
our Clit Caresser Lite gives all the same sensations
but much more subtle due to the slightly
smaller form and lighter dangles.

Clit Caresser Lite

Stimulating and Delicate, it was originally
requested by one of our customers as a
"Beginners Model" for his wife's first Clit Caresser.

They also work extremely well for ladies with a "smaller" clitoris

Clit Caresser Lite designed with natural gemstones

Clit Caresser Lites designed with natural gemstones
Also available in a full range of Austrian Crystal colors

Nipple Dangles Lite (CLTL):

Designed to compliment our
Clit Caresser Lite with matching Gemstone or
Crystals and lighter dangles.

Nipple Dangles and CLit Caresser Lite

Beautiful but Subtle,
Nipple Dangles Lite may be purchased separately
or with a matching Clit Caresser Lite.
A great starter set for any woman.

All components are Austrian Crystal,
Natural Gem Stones and Pure Sterling Silver.
Available in a rainbow of colors and gemstones.

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