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The Countess Nipple Dangle Review

Customer Comments
These are some of the examples of the email we get back from our customers.

I recently ordered a set of nipple rings.
I cannot tell you how much they were enjoyed.

The quality of your product exceeds our expectations.
They are currently enjoyed and I am sure will be for a long time.

Thank you
D. K.

Hi Bud & Deb,
My Tush Teaser arrived today and I have already started wearing it, It feels amazing.
I just wanted to say thank you for being so curtious and helpful,
and I was surprised how quick you had it shipped out to me.
I am hoping to send you some pictures of me and my wife wearing our jewlery.
We will definately be ordering more jewlery in the future.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Kind Regards

Hi Bud and Deb,
My wife and I just got back from our honeymoon
in Jamaica and just wanted to say thank you for
the great jewllery that you made for us.

My wifes Utimate Clit Carresser and my
Extra Heavy Hematite Tush Teaser.

We wore them on our honeymoon and loved
every minute of wearing them.

You make a great product and we are happy to show it off.
I am also going to try and start wearing it to work.

Thanks again, we will definitley be ordering more jewellery from you.

Kind Regards

Dear Deb & Bud.
First let me say how much my husband and I both
love, love, love my nipple rings w/ single chain & dangles.
They are incredibly beautiful and extremely sexy!

I can't wait to order the new nipple shields,
you read my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Second, I am trying to decide the rest of my next order
and have a price question about ................

Third, I am dying to get something for my husband.
I know I want the cock circlet, my question is about .............

Thanks for all your wonderful designs and creations.
I can't wait to order, You are truly artisans!


Hi Bud,
Just to let you know that my order arrived today.

My wife is very pleased with the nipple shields
and has yet to take them off.

We do have a problem with the CC.
My wife has a problem keeping it in place;
every time she puts it on she becomes so excited
she drags me up stairs.....

I don't think that I need to go any further!

Thanks for the great service.

I am sure that I will be in touch again,
if I'm not too worn out.

Hi Deb and Bud,
I had bought the ultimate clit caresser for my wife and
she loves it so much that she wants me to try your jewlery also.
I am interested in ordering .........

We would also like to take this opportunity to
thank you for the great jewlery your making,

We are a young newlywed couple who look forward to
buying more jewelry in the future and showing it off.

Kind Regards
R. M.

We received our jewelry and we love it!!!

Thank you

The jewelry arrived - beautiful!!!

Many thanks.
John and Sue

Thanks Bud and Deb
My jewelry is gorgeous!

I am so excited that I can hardly wait to try it on.

Thanks so much for seeing that it was delivered before our trip!

The armband arrived yesterday and is just what we expected,
my wife loves it.

Many thanks for your excellent and prompt service.

Just got them today - they're beautiful!

Thank you so much - hope he likes them as much as I do.

I'll let you know how my weekend goes.

We have recommended your jewelry to many people
and will probably order more in the future
as we really enjoy it !!

It is as beautiful to wear as it is fun to put on.

I know the women at Hedo II sure were impressed with
Gary's Cock Rings and Chain,
- they even thanked us for "sharing" the view.


We will be placing another order soon.
Thank you for your promptness and curitiousness with the order,
nice to find this with an online business!!!!!!!

Hi Deb,
The jewelry arrived yesterday.
It is beautiful - very classy - and it feels even better.
We're going to have some fun times in fun places - soon.


Just thought I'd drop you a note letting you know that the package (CLTU-XHD)
arrived safe and sound here in Virginia today.

Upon inspecting the enclosed Clit Caresser I have to tell you that I was amazed.

It's absolutely gorgeous!

The pics on the website in no way do the actual piece justice at all.
My compliments. Hopefully I'll be able to send you some pics of it adorning My girl.

Thanks again
Virginia, USA

Bud and Deb,
We received our package today and they look great.
Thanks for being so quick with them, we are going to
Cancun on Sunday and wanted to take them.

Again thanks and hope your shows went well.
K. M.

I have to write and thank you for the piece, it's perfect!
Thanks again for your excellent work.


Hello folks: your work arrived yesterday and
it is great.
Thank you.

I wanted to let you know I received the
Cock Circlet on Monday.
It's a beautifully made and all I can say
is the pictures on the website
don't do it justice ~
it's definitely one of those things
you have to see in person
to really appreciate the quality,
workmanship and beauty.


Hi Guys,
I thought that I would send a couple
of photos showing the Cock Circlets
I got earlier in the year,
the larger one I wear almost all the time
as it's so comfortable.


Hi Bud & Deb,
Many thanks for the latest delivery,
it arrived on Saturday and as I thought B.
was so very pleased with the necklace.
It looks so sexy on her and its quite a thrill
to think that it's only me that knows
where the chains end.

The Cock Circlet takes a bit of getting used to and
we have had some good fun in trying to get
the fit of the ball fetter just right,
currently we are still experimenting.
I was quite amazed at how much
a turn on it was for B.


Hi Bud,
The new chain looks fantastic,
can't wait to see B.'s face when i give it to her.
Thanks for your help.

best regards,

Hi Bud,
Just a quick note to let you know the package arrived,
well worth the wait.
Thanks for the little extra!


Dear Bud and Deb,
Many thanks for your reply to my e-mail in June this year.
We continue to have lots of fun with the jewellery
and its fair to say that it has brought a new dimension
to our sex life.

B. looks great in the jewellery and she just loves
me attaching the nipple chain and clit caresser.
She can wear the caresser for hours on end.

We are now thinking of making a new purchase
(we just need to make up our mind) so we thought
it about time we took you up on your offer for the
10% Customer of the Month discount.

Your necklaces with nipple chains look really great
and I would also love to get her the
ultimate clit caresser.

B. is also is thinking of something for me,
as you suggested maybe it would be great under a kilt.
Its just a pity I didn't have something when I wore
my kilt for a wedding last month.


Dear Bud & Deb
I and my friends were so delighted with the items
you made for us recently that I have been asked
to get a few extra items.

D. Hill

got the goodies this morning. Looks good!
It shall be an interesting weekend!!!

Phil B.

Thanks for processing my order so quickly.
Appreciate the quality craftsmanship.
I'm sure my better-half will be quite pleased.


My husband presented me the nipple rings
he ordered on Valentine's Day.
They were absolutely perfect and beautiful.
I really love them they are
just what I was looking for.
I not only enjoyed the way they
looked on me but how they felt.
It is incredibly sexy.
Thank You
Nancy S.

The collar arrived and has been delivered.
It is fantastic.

Very rarely I have seen my wife do a double take
- she was breathless.


We received the items on Monday.
You have exceeded our expectations! Thank you.
She loves the items!
Thanks again on the great job.


Hi Bud,
just to let you know that the jewellery arrived on Friday and we are both
delighted with it. My wife has only taken the nipple dangles off to go to
bed ever since. We are still working on the best fitting for the clit
caresser but it is good fun trying!

Thanks for all of your help and best wishes for xmas and the New Year.


I am writing to say that my items came today and that they are great.
I had to try them on right away, they are so dainty looking.
I can,t wait till I get to show them off for my husband next week.
He knows about them and can,t wait for them to be used.

I,ll try to take pictures while on vacation.

eager user
cjb of lockport

Thank you for your assistance to me when I was placing my order for
one of your cock rings today. Yours was one of the only web sites I
could find to order such an item.

I thought the service today was fantastic.

My wife, our girlfried and I look forward to receiving our new toy.

Take care,

I wanted to thank you for my jewelry (caresser and triple nipple chain).
It is absolutely beautiful. I really appreciate the fact that you rushed
my order and got it to me in time for my trip to visit my boyfriend.

Thanks again for the great service - I'm sure I will be back for more!

P.G.   B.C.

A friend of mine recently ordered his wife some of your jewelry for
Valentines day and both he and she were very pleased with the quality
and craftmanship.


Many thanks,
how good to find such efficiency!

The pieces you sent were just what I expected,
I love them and know my boyfriend will too.
Thanks for such prompt service.


My wife and I LOVE your work
Patrick Mc*****

I am in the USA and ordered from you at Christmas.
My wife LOVES the rings.

Larry T.

Dear Deborah,

thanks a lot for the beautiful jewelry - it arrived today and the moonstones
shimmer so enchanting - I love it.


Hi Deb and Bud!

I surprised my wife the valentines day. When
she saw her Nipple Dangles and the Ultimate
Clit Caresser she just loved them! She was
surprised twice when she saw the Cock
Circlet, the Ball Fetters and the Tush
Teaser for me! She liked the whole idea
of the both of us wearing the jewelry.
The items really are a work of art!

E. & P.

Dear Bud,
You will be pleased to know that the two items arrived without any drama.
The workmanship is very good.

Once again thank you.

Hello Deborah,

I'd like to inform you that the package arrived yesterday,
01/04/2001, everything was ok! thanks a lot!


Hello Bud & Deb

I don't think I have enjoyed many things as much as I have the jewelry you
have made me. There something about wearing something different on the
privates everyday. I really enjoy the zodiac ring and the ring with a setting.
I guess I wear the three rings the most next. I have found if I wear two rings
on the cock they pinch so I usually wear one on the cock and one of the ones
that circle the cock and scrotum.


The 'style 9' sapphire jewelry arrived today!
Now we'll see if I can keep it a surprise until Christmas....
I seriously doubt it...

Thanks for everything,
Dale S.

Hi Bud & Deb
We have taken delivery of the order, quality is excellent you should be very
proud of your workmanship, we are proud to deal with you that's for sure.

Thank you for the referrals this week we are busy photographing the items
now so we can launch our site as soon as possible.

Once Again Many Thanks
Gary & Claire

Hello Deb:
It was a pleasure placing my order with you last Friday (#1281).
I was a little nervous but you put me at ease. I spent several weeks
investigating and evaluating sources for intimate jewelry. Quality material,
design and work"person"ship were the ultimate deciding factor.

I was nervous because I've never done anything remotely close to this
before. My last "gift" was the engagement ring a decade ago! We've had
more pressing things to consider since. Now jewelry... and naughty ones
at that... well... unexpected may be putting it mildly... but the crystals
should match the sapphires on the engagement band and they are so pretty.

Have a happy and prosperous Holiday.

B. Z.
New York, NY

We had received her first custom made Nipple Dangle about a month ago
and she was so pleased with the ring that she had me order a matching one.
We have just received the second Nipple Dangle today and are
very well pleased with that one also.

She wears both of them every day, with no pain or discomfort at all.
We would recommend your body jewerly to any man or woman that
likes to wear body jewerly with out the pain of having their body parts pierced.

thank you

H & R

Dear Deb,
WOW AGAIN, yes , you are correct again!! The weight is great! It is wild
on my clit, I love it (so does P***) . Although I don't think I will wear
this one on the beach - it hangs a little long , but great for dancing with
a dress or skirt.

B. & P. ..... U.S.A.

Received my belly ring yesterday and just wanted to say thanks, I love it!
(wearing it as we speak- it's perfect)

Thanks again,
S. R. ..... Toronto

I received J's new piece of jewelry upon my return.
The new piece is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see how it looks on her.
I leave the 14th and I will try to get some good new pics of my little beauty
wearing it. Those peridots look soooooo beautiful.
I am really very very impressed! I think she will swoon when she sees it.

J.J. ..... California

I did wear the clips on Friday night! They are great and I love them....and
yes, I did try them out a few times before I wore them on the cam. :)P In
doing so, I found that putting them on was a large part of the whole
experience. So on Friday, instead of putting them on before the web cam
and wearing them the entire time. I figured everyone might like to see me put them on. So that is what I did!! :) That and the jewelery itself was a
HUGE hit with everyone.
We all thank you, but me especially, they are wonderful....quite delicate...
the chain on the nipple clips are like a soft wisper on my belly as I move and
the drops on the nipple clips and clit clip are also delicate...delicate vibrations.
Needless to say, I love them, thank you so much once again. :)

Take care,

hi bud
received my cock ring yesterday
the fit is great as is the feel
thanks for the great job

S.B. ..... New Jersy

The jewelry was much prettier than I had anticipated - very, very nice.
I especially liked the clean and simple stone mounts.

Regards - Terry

Yo Bud,
At last a moment to send you a proper thank-you!
First a big thanks for putting up with all my phone calls and such as of course
everything always has to be done on short notice with me! Having the jewerly
arrive on time was so important and then a later request for your catalog (very
nice catalog) all of which arrived in time!
Second thanks for the GREAT selection you made for my jewerly!
It is just beautiful and my hubby says it looks great on me! "B" was blown away
by the surprise and we has so much fun trying to get it all on!
We laughed, giggled, and loved every bit of it! Way much more fun than most
people our age (50) even can imagine!
In a few weeks when we can get together again ("B" works far from home and
we have to meet half way) "B" and I are going to pick out something for him
from your catalog, we are both looking forward to that.
Thank-you so much for your GREAT service, and beautiful jewerly!
You ROCK ! ! ! You RULE ! ! ! !

Debbie from Michigan!

Dear Vendor,
I received my order and I didn't have any custom problems or extra charges.
Thank's a lot !

Dear Deb & Bud,
We received our order and it arrived in good order a couple of
weeks ago and the quality of the products were certainly of first
class quality and they looked just fantastic, a great buzz and
extremely erotic for the wearer and of course not forgetting the

As for the "Ultimate Clit Caresser" what a beauty, a work of art
and fits as snug as a bug in a rug. It dingles and dangles its
way to ecstasy and just stays in place even with heaps of dirty
dancing, what an exhilarating accessory for any discerning women
to have as a dress up piece to complement their erotic lace
lingerie wardrobe. We are absolutely delighted with the "Clit
Caresser" and the only disappointment we have is that we did not
find your web site earlier, but we will now just have to make up
for lost time and what fun that is going to be (we will be doing
it under protest - ha, ha, ha.).

G. & S.

Ps. We will send some photo's for the customer of the month,
that's if I can ever get the the camera to stay in focus.

Well, the first order for your excellent products has been a great success
and I would like to order some more items to match:
J.D. Vancouver

Hi Bud,
My order arrived OK and it's fantastic. My fiancee and I had lots of
fun in putting everything on.

Dusseldorf Germany

Hi Bud and Deb,
Many thanks for the goods that arrived yesterday,
both my wife and I were delighted with them,
I am sure that we will be ordering more later .

M. A..

Thankyou !
I recieved my package yesterday. And I love it !


Hi Guys!

Just wanted to let you know that I received the cock ring yesterday.
My husband just loves it and wanted me to tell you he thought it was also.
He said it was the nicest birthday present he ever received.
Now I have two couples that are interested in them. Going to send one of
them your e-mail address. The other couple wants to see it first. We are
supposed to get together with them after Easter.

My husband also would be honored to send some pictures (it'a a macho thing).
I will have to take some and get them developed and will send them to you.
Bare (bear) with me, it may take a while to use up a roll of film,
but certainly won't forget to.


Bud and Deb

Received order yesterday - I LOVE IT!!! It is beautiful.
You do great work.

We spent last night getting to know my wonderful new jewelry and it was
great fun. Thank you soooo much. I will send pics soon.

Blessed Be...
K. N.

Dear Sirs,
I'm writing just to let you know I received my rings today. The
postmark says it was shipped on Tuesday, 3/2. It took only 4 days to
get here, pretty good.

The rings are great! I expected them to be either so soft that they
would fall off with any pressure, or so stiff that you would have to pry
them off. These are just right. On your web site, you said your
jewelry tickled. When wearing a ring as a PA, the "tickle" is amazing!
Any movement is quite the sensation. WOW!

Thank you again for promptly answering all my questions. I have sent
questions to other companies and have never heard from them. Of course,
I didn't buy from them.

Thanks again,
Walla Walla Wa.

thursday AM and the order was just delivered. great service, thank you again.
the jewelry looks great, now will need to wait till sunday to show her and try it on.
if she takes a liking to them, i have several others in mind for her birthday which
is in april. will let u know, thanks again


Thankyou ! I recieved my package yesterday. And I love it !

ps. The jewelry is fun to wear at the (clothing optional) beach, but
(you are right) it CAN get hot.
B. C.


Following the great success of the Ultimate Caresser, I want some nipple
rings and my husband seems to be willing to pay for them!!! Surprise surprise !

Budapest, HUNGARY

next email

Sorry to bother you again.
I phoned my husband to tell him I ordered the nipple rings. He thinks I
should go the whole way and get a double chain. He told me to look at
the Customer of the Month and I now agree, especially as her boobs look
just like mine !!

just to let you know that i received my order today .thanks
i am very impressed with the workmanship!
B. C. Canada

I recieved my order today.
Thanks so much for your remarkable customer service and attention.
I know how hectic business can be this close to Christmas and your
"better than prompt" attention to my order is amazing.
Many thanks to you.

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year


Just wanted to let you know my order arrived yesterday.
What beautiful creations! I absolutely love the jewelry.

Now I'm eagerly awaiting for when my hubby gets home from his business trip on Friday.
I'll be meeting him at the airport wearing only the jewelry, a coat and a big smile :) :)

Thanks so much. I'm sure I will be ordering again in the future.
Take care, K.

Thanks also for your prompt replies to my earlier questions and
the speed with which you processed and shipped my order.


Thanks for the instructions. We played around with the Clit caresser
for about 2 hours last Friday night and
eventually got it in exactly the right place. And you're right, it
doesnt hurt at all. In fact, while dancing round the
lounge in a mini-skirt I got so turned on I told my man I didnt need him
anymore! Can't wait to tell my friends about this.

Thanks for the help,
D & T
Budapest Hungary

We recieved our jewelry in the mail yesterday....its beautiful!
We could not be happier (both of us).
B & G

Our order arrived safely. Sorry for the delay in replying.
Am very satisfied with the mercandise. Will be placing another order shortly.

L. S.

Bud and Deb
We just received our order and just wanted you to know how pleased we both
are. We are looking foward to our cruise now and having fun with our new

Thanks and regards
J and T

Thanks for the followup!!! Order arrived just fine. Very pretty.

RECEIVED the order in yesterday's mail (17 SEP 98, Tokyo time).
I AM IMPRESSED! It is more-than-difficult to find the type of personal,
PROMPT -- yea, unto speedy! -- service that you are offering. If this is
an indication of the way you transact business with ALL your customers --
not just first-time customers -- I think you can expect a LOT of both
repeat and referral business!

THANKS for your assistance and for your prompt service.


Thanks so much for the prompt execution of my order.
These are a terrific addition to my jewelry collection! I'm sure I'll be ordering more.
I'm sending two photos for you to enjoy, and I would be very pleased
to see them on your web site if you find them suitable,
I would adore being the April Customer of the Month.
Enjoy, I am!
"S. from upstate New York."

* Good Morning!
Just wanted to let you know that I received my order late yesterday evening (finally!).
This is very beautiful jewelry...I'm impressed!
I had spent a great deal of time looking at different products by many, many companies
but was disappointed by most of what I'd seen until I found your web site.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
for making jewelry that is not only affordable but also very classy.

Hmmmm...I suddenly have the urge to run around all day wearing nothing but this jewelry
and a huge smile : )
My next purchase, I'm sure will follow soon.
So many beautiful things to choose from...maybe hubby will hand over his credit card after tonight : ))
Who knows...I might consider tossing my hat in the ring for Customer of the Month after all!
I knew that scanner would come in handy one where did I put that camera.... : )
Thanks for all your help with UPS, and your patience and prompt response to all my email.
I'll be sure to recommend your company at every opportunity.

"R in SC."

* Good Morning!
Btw...hubby loved the surprise : )
I have a feeling he'll be wearing that silly grin for a long time!
"R in SC."

* It took me a long time, but I finally persuaded her to try on the clit caresser.
You were right. Saying it is stimulating is an understatement!
It caused her such strong stimulation it was excruciating.
She could only wear it for a little while, after I started licking and
tickling the dangles she went right through the roof.
She could barely stand with it on and tried but could not walk.
I guess some practice will be needed.
It did not hurt, it just gave her stimulation she could not endure!
("Satisfied Customer - California")

* Thank you for your prompt response! The jewelry shown at
your website is all very lovely...and the site itself very well done.
Great job!

* Thank you so much for excellent service!!!
I promise you that I will order more of your exciting jewelry!

*By the way, I just love what I saw on you web site! (SC)

* I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today.
They look great.
Since my wife's birthday isn't until *****,
I will have to wait till then to see them on her.

*Thanks for your assistance and patience with me on this order, (NE)

Please feel free to send us Your comments.

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