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Birthstone for September

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Natural Sapphire
Mainstream and Intimate Jewelry

NonPiercing Ear Dangles
Natural Sapphire

Sterling Silver and Sapphire European Crystal

Sterling Silver and Saphire European Crystal Nipple Dangles

Sapphire Blue European Crystals
Ornament these matching Nipple Dangles & Belly Brilliant

The Sapphire Ultimate Cascade
Shimmers from Nipples to Navel to Labia
this one is designed with Blue Onyx & European Crystal Teardrops

Choker Necklace
for Ladies or Men

Nipple Dangles
One of our most popular designs
Designed in ANY of our Dangle Styles
with your choice of crystal and/or gemstones

These are not your only selections!
Any of our Sterling Silver Jewelry can be designed with a selection of
Gemstones (Natural or Synthetic) and Crystals of your choice

Style Codes and Pricing in US Funds

The only materials used in the constuction of
Arabesque Non Piercing Body Jewelry are
Pure Sterling Silver and Natural/Synthetic Gemstones or European Crystals.

Arabesque Body Creations & Design (Main Index)

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